January 11th, 2006

Me \\ CS Wolfe

Happy Birthday BR!

Happy Birthday Beyond Redemption!


<insert manic squeeing and bouncing here>


For anyone unable to deduce the root of my excitement, let me- in simpler terms- explain it to you.


Exactly one year ago to the day, aurora_enkeli and myself posted the very first chapter of Beyond Redemption, a story written mostly for our own pleasure in which we explored many themes/ situations/ issues through characters we loved and in essence *became* every time we delved into their psyches, aiming to understand their actions and help our slowly amassing amount of readers believe in the world we’d created for those of the Inner Circle (and those not of).


It’s just really exciting and even a tad bit emotional to realise that in only a year we’ve managed to achieve finishing Part I (which ended up consisting of 57chapter and +/- 166800words [including A/N’s]), and beginning Part II. Of course we probably couldn’t have done it without so many avid readers, all of whom we love and appreciate most dearly, especially those of you who have managed to wangle your way into our hearts (and our own little IC!).


So, in order to celebrate this momentous occasion, I shall endeavour to have chapter three of Part II finished and posted this evening, much gushing will be delivered in my A/N, no doubt, but hopefully I’ll contain myself through the angsty snupin that is to commence!


Love and hugs to you all!

(And if you haven’t read BR yet, I suggest you start here! :D)




P>S> On a Birthday related but BR-unrelated note: Happy Birthday to Severus Snape for the 9th! I had a bit of a ‘flu’ relapse over the Sunday through Tuesday and so didn’t manage to celebrate my sevvie-wevvie-kinziny-pooh-bear-snuggle-muffin’s Severus’ birthday by writing about him in inappropriately slashy situations ::dramatic sigh:: I did however curl up in bed to watch my pirate copy of Goblet of Fire, drinking hot chocolate and gushing something awful every time I so much as caught a glimps of Mr Tall, Dark and Snarky. Ah, such is love! ::snuggles Severus::