January 4th, 2006

Me \\ CS Wolfe




For the last couple of weeks/months, aurora_enkeli and myself have been working on the creation of our own website using the efiction programme to allow us the ability to upload our own works of fiction as well as those we write under our joint penname of Sisters of Darkness [br_inner_circle ].


Tonight we finally though it time to start the uploading process, though the site is still being worked on, we’d like to invite all you Beyond Redemption readers in particular to head on over! Anyone is able to join, but no one but Aurora and myself will be able to post- allowing you to join is to enable your use of the favourites feature which will send you email notifications of any updates.


Uploaded as of 04/01/06:


Beyond Redemption: Part I – Chapters I and II

Beyond Redemption: Part II – Chapters I and II


The updates for Part I are of course ‘old chapters’, but should anyone of you avid readers find it in your hearts to want to reread the very first part, please do drop us a review or two! We’d like to accumulate as many as we can on our own site now that we’ve got one! :D




CS WhiteWolf