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RugbyFic: After The Game [Percy/Johnny]

Title: After The Game
Fandom: Rugby RPS
Rating(s): R/18-Rated.
Pairing(s): Percy Montgomery/Johnny Wilkinson
Warning(s): Unbeta’d and unrefined. Posted mainly because it was a bit too large to send via txt ;)
Author’s Note: A sort of follow on from my first Rugby RPS piece, [ found here ]. Around 600words. Set after tonights 6nations England v France game.
Dedication: to harem_entwho currently shares my brain when it comes to rugby, the players, and the porn. Hope you enjoy this darling! It’s not the best, but I’m sure it’ll be appreciated more than the txt!pwn ;)

because their love is so phwoar!!

 You played a good game.” The words rolled over him, stroking him to shuddering awareness as he stood beneath the spray of the shower. The last remaining player in the English changing rooms, Johnny Wilkinson found himself smothering a smirk of satisfaction as he turned slowly around, thankful that he'd sent his team on ahead after their recent win against France.
“Is this going to become a habit?” He asked slyly, his eyes sliding easily over the man leaning himself against the doorway into the shower room.
Percy Montgomery smiled slowly, folding his arms lightly across his chest as he cocked his head; watching with a growing interest as the Englishman turned to face him.
“That depends,” Percy began, wetting his lips; his eyes intent upon Johnny’s delightfully naked body.
“On?” Johnny prompted, running his fingers through the dripping strands of hair falling across his face.
“On whether you disapprove, of course,” He replied. Johnny's lips twitched.
“Why don't you come over here and give me a reason not to disapprove then?”
Percy chuckled, but unfolded his arms. “Why does our meeting one another always result in my getting wet?” He asked, stalking close enough to pin Johnny against the wall of the wet-room; the white shirt and blacks slacks combo he currently wore soaking through almost instantly.
Johnny raised his hands, pressing lightly against Percy's chest as he tipped his head upwards, his mouth ghosting across the South African's lips.
“Oh I don't know,” he breathed out, “maybe next time you could just take me out on the field? Instead of waiting till I'm all naked and showering…”
“Hmm,” Percy smiled wickedly, “out on the field? I'm pretty sure the stadium has been emptied for the night…”
Johnny's eyes darkened at the thought that Percy dared to even consider the idea. He surged upwards, pressing their mouths together, his hands sliding up Percy's shirt to squeeze at his strong shoulders a moment before wrapping his arms about the other man's neck.
Percy returned the kiss with enthusiasm, his mouth opening to the teasing swipe of Johnny's tongue as he slipped his arms about the younger man, his hands roaming down to squeeze at Johnny's pert buttocks; urging the Englishman's hips into a sudden, forward jerk.
“It’d be muddy on the field though…” Percy purred, pulling away to press hot kisses down the length of Johnny’s straining neck at the same time he slid one of his hands from Johnny’s arse to palm over the Englishman’s hardening cock.
“Oh god-!” Johnny whimpered, biting at the inside of his mouth even as he thrust forward.
“We’d get very dirty…” Percy continued, grinning wolfishly as he wrapped strong fingers about Johnny’s erection and began a slow stroke. “And someone could be lingering… watching…”
Johnny made a strangled sort of sound, tangling his fingers through Percy’s hair and dragging him in for another kiss. Keeping Percy’s mouth busy for the moment, Johnny made short work of tearing the older man’s shirt open and unzipping his pants enough to slide them down Percy’s trim hips.
“I wouldn’t care if the stadium was full of people,” Johnny all but cried out as he grabbed hold of Percy’s own erection, his hand moving knowledgably over the familiar length. “So long as you bent me over and shagged me into oblivion…”
“Clearly I’m doing something wrong,” Percy muttered. “If you’re still able to think this coherently…” The hand still holding onto his arse curved suddenly inwards, slipping just the barest of fingertips up into him. Johnny forgot all about coherency not long after that.
 - - -
 - - -
Tags: [&]: [rps]: montgomery/wilkinson, fandom: rugby, on writing: giftfic

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