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Torchwood Mag and other related jazz

§ I still don't have the Torchwood mag, which is somewhat depressing as I've subscribed to the damn thing and was kind of expecting to at least get it the day it was released :| I did check my confirmation email and I am due to get the "Start issue of "2 MAR 08" (Published on or around 21/02/08)" so, why have I still not got it when everyone else has!? ::stomps foot:: And it's got the uber shiny interview thingy with Gareth David-Lloyd as well!

Excuse me whilst I apply my pouty face to this display of petulance.

Alas. If it's not here tomorrow I may have to start kicking up a fuss investigating things. Ahem.

§ On slightly better, but not entirely exciting news, turns out that in April, Gareth is hosting an event down in Wales called "Sex, Wales and Anarchy". Described as being "A day of free speech, improv and action art + An evening of anarchy and blues". There's a (slightly but not much) more thorough explaination of events [ here ].

Now, as much as I love the boy, I really don't think it's my thing at all. Even the evening thing doesn't sound like it'd do much for me. Gareth singing for "Blue Gillespie" would be awesome for sure, but I wasn't all that keen on "Disgraceland" when I heard them at the Celtic Blues event back in November. And I've no idea what the other band(s) will sound like. So!

Besides, there's the Rift to look forward to in April, which Gareth will be playing at with his band "Breath of Blue Fire". And we get the awesome James Marsters too. And frankly, one trip a month is about all I can afford. In all seriousness. Well two, if we're including John Barrowman's touring here. Um.

...can't you just tell I'm trying to talk myself out of stalking this poor boy? XD

§ Onto the definitely really exciting news now! Collectormania G-Mex!! I've got my transport booked (uber thanks to conjunkie!) and shall be arriving at around 4pm Saturday 8th and leaving around 5pm Sunday 9th. So I'll just be staying the one night in Manchester, so wanted to know- who else is going to be around overnight? Anyone wanting to meet up for dinner/drinks/whatever?

Anyone looking for a place to stay? ;) I've found a hostle doing private rooms for around £18 a head. Am hoping I can find a roomie but would need to know asap. Any takers?

I've booked my ticket to the Sunday event, as well as photoshoot tickets with Anthony Head (omg I really couldn't resist!) and Naoko Mori (Squee! Thanks joulez217!! My ticket arrived today and is so very pretty!!). I'm also taking autograph requests for those of you poor flisters unable to attend, so just drop me a comment and we can haggle from there!!

§ Last point, I promise! My tardis_bigbang entry is due in t-minus 23days and counting. I've changed my fic idea again. Collective word count at this particular moment in time is 1456words. Someone gonne prod me with sharp objects? ::flails::

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