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Fandom Awards : Groovy yo!

As usual I'm behind on updating ya'll with the important things going on in the land of Caspe, but thanks to some unconscious prompting I've remembered to actually post about a few important things! 

§ The first of which being the fact that tw_fandom_award's announced their [ shortlist ] back at the beginning of the month and out of the 8 fic nominations I recieved I made the shortlists with 5 of them, which is just so unbelievably amazing and unexpected! I doubt I'll win any of them as I'm up against some brilliant authors/fics, but I do secretly have my sights set on one award in particular, but I'ma keep mum on that one incase I jinx anything (or break any rules ;D)!!

So, if any of ya'll are so inclined, head on over and [ take a look ] at the shortlists and if you have a moment, please do [ read the rules and vote ] for your favourite entries in each category! You only have until March 12th to cast your vote so hurry over, play nice and we'll soon see how things turn out!

§ The second point to note is that I've been recced! Okay, so it's maybe not a hugely important thing, but it made me grin rather wickedly. The rec is by  fairyd123on their Torchwood  Master Rec List and is for none other than "Sinnerman" [Jack/Ianto | 18-Rated | Violence/Non-Con] and comes with this write-up:

"Very different in tone from the other fics this is a dark piece detailing a violent sexual encounter between Jack and Ianto. The reader isn't given any clues as to what has transpired to prompt this degree of hatred between the two characters and the sex is pretty much quasi-rape. Somewhat bleak but well written and despite the depth of the emotion on display remarkably in character."

...which pretty much sums things up! Now, although I got a shitload of reviews for Sinnerman, I've always felt that it was somewhat of an unappreciated piece in that with the Torchwood fandom everyone tends to prefer the fluff/porn/'happy ending' fics over anything else. Which is fine. I do tend to lean towards them myself, but to have someone list it as a fav inspite of the content has just made me so very flaily and, dare I say, happy? }:D 

§ There should be a third point here, but as usual it's escaped me. Will post again once I've remembered what else I was supposed to say!
Tags: fandom: torchwood, fanfiction: awards, recs
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