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Quick Theory : re: Adam

I promise that I have every intention of sharing my thoughts on the Torchwood series thus far with ya'll (because omg practically all of it so far has been flailworthy and made of the awesome!) but I had a quick theory to share to you all before I dash off to my lil sister's parents evening (to which I recieved a personal invitation to by my old Latin teacher XD rawk on!!).

So, I was saying to indiefairylast night that there were a couple of moments I was expecting to see in "Adam" that didn't happen. The two that immediately spring to mind (and forgive me as I cannot remember which trailers they were in, as there's been a few!) are the one where Jack's in his office, Ianto is walking away and that gold box explodes, and the second, is when Adam (is in the cells?) and turns into a cloud of smoke-like stuff. 

Theory: could it be that Adam perhaps makes a return at some point? 

Just a small bit of spec that won't leave me alone. All thoughts and theories you have to share would be nice! 
And I shall reply to everyone I've been neglecting between getting home, packing for Cardiff tomorrow (squee!), catching up on my flist, and writing like a trojan because I may possibly-maybe have bribed dancy_dreamerinto watching both "Adam" and "Reset" last night XD and she will probably kill me if I don't follow through! lmao.
On an entirely different note: ALL MY LOVE TO MY GORGEOUS FLIST ON THIS MOST EMO OF DAYS XD and thank you very much dr_is_infor the rose :) it's very pretty!
I honestly don't think I know anyone who likes V-Day, including myself, but since we have to trudge through the gush that is this sappy holiday, I think we should all write smoopy smut in order to make ourselves feel better. Sound like a plan? Good! I expect to see plently of Janto drabbles in reply to this post when I get back ;D
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