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Marmite for V-day

A  while ago I found this [ official website for marmite ], it was all sparkly and had sections for lovers/haters of the stuff, they had walls of fame and recipies and it all very amusing at the time I found it. Now I can't actually remember doing it, but I suspect I must have signed myself up to it (either that or the marmite lovers are stalking me and found my name/address) because I recieved something in the post from Marmite this morning, namely a Valentines card ::snorfle:: 

Oh yes, folks, Caspe got a V-card from Marmite! And it is made of awesome XD XD XD
just thought I'd share this random amusement with ya'll! lmao. may get a picture up of it later because it is very lol-worthy.
Tags: [♥] marmite

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