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See? I'ma doing my penance!

So I started writing this Jack/Ianto piece today (yes, I am trying to prove my worth as a Janto fangirly after all this Ianto/Gwen talk I've been doing ;D), it's just a one off thing that's currently counting in at around 2500words, but I seem to have written myself into a bit of an awkward spot and am unsure of how to proceed. Can I pester anyone to take a quick look at it and see where they think I should go with it? Pretty please? 

There'll be smexy Janto stuffs if you say yes! 

::waggels eyebrows::
Also, I am not going to go into all the fanwank that's going about LJ at the moment, but I would like to know- is there like an 'anti-fanwank' community about at all? One where us honest-to-god-sane members of the fandom can join forces to show that we're not all (as Georgie so nicely put it in her post) "batshit crazy" when it comes to our OTPs? I mean, sure I disliked Gwen lots in the first series and every so often I want to use my "die-bitch-die" powers of persuasion on her, but my god people, give it up already! We made up our own pairing stories throughout S1, so no matter how the series goes we've still got denial our imaginations to keep us sailing the ships we want to sail through S2. So there. ::stops foot and goes back to contemplating the Janto pwn fic::
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