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Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - did it rock your world?

So. Torchwood. It's been a long, hard wait guys. We flailed. We failed. We despaired of ever getting to this moment. But it came. Finally, Torchwood is back and looking so much better than before. Episode One "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" was full of that little thing called "squee!". It had action and whit and team dynamics ftw. It had Jack back. And sexual tension. Jealousy. And the return of that rather infamous stopwatch.

Could it get any better that that? What more could a fanperson want? 

It was all going so well...

and then they had to ruin everything by turning Jack into an even bigger manhor, making Ianto look like the rebound shag, and keeping Gwen the girlhor we all hoped she'd not be this season because you know, that ring on your finger hun actually means something. 

Alas. Nothing dampened my watching of the epiosde, (aside from a few angry hisses here and there) to be fair. It was only afterward once I could think with a bit more coherency and a lot less flailsquee that I happened upon a theory I'd really rather wished I hadn't. 

We all know Jack/Ianto is going to be focus of this series. Anyone who doesn't has been living under a rock for sure. However we know also that there is "something" between Jack and Gwen. As much as most of us hate to admit it, it looks as though that something will be built upon. Oh, not this series, but I fear that should we get a third it'll be move over Ianto, Gwen's coming through! 

Why do I think this? Well, anyone else heard the rumour that Rhys is supposed to die at the end of this series? Oh yes. Gwen might be playing the faithful (in body at least) girlfriend this series, but without her man in the picture anymore? And with RTD being a big dirty hor for Gwen himself? And for Jack/Gwen? Yeah... hope of everylasting Jack/Ianto suddenly looks so... unlasting. 

Still. There is a brightside. We have a whole series of Jack/Ianto to keep out fanhearts beating! To keep the flail and squee alive! 

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