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Torchwood : Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Preview

 Yes, today most certainly is turning into a day of spammage! But you love me for it, I can tell XD

- The Torchwood website has been updated with a 2minute preview of the start of "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and OMG IT LOOKS FREAKIN AMAZING!!!! 

See the trailer on the site [
here ] or for non-uk viewers, check it out [ here ]!!

They're totally taking the biscuit with this teasing malarky! But I do so love it. I thought the blowfish was pretty damn cool- I mean, what kind of homocidal alien lets a little old lady cross the road when it's being persued by Torchwood? XD it's too cute. And then there's the actual team-ness, they're so adorable! And not at all out of their depth like the blowfish seems to think. Though, poor Ianto being all shakey and looking at his gun in shock when the blowfish got shot XD IANTO JONES YOU ARE TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!! Gutted the blowfish had to die though- he seemed pretty damn groovy. Still OMG JACK!! Your entrance is so beautifully timed XD and perfect for avoiding the inital slaps and 'where have you been, young man!?' questions. Omg am all flaily again!! Only 9more days guys!! Flailing much?!

Anyone know if it's up on youtube yet??

- Also, there were two rather nice pictures released of Captains Jack and John [ here ]. I have to admit, they didn't fire up my blood nearly as much as the two second clip of Jack/Ianto did, but still, they're nice to oogle ;) 
- edt: there's also a gorgeous interview with Gareth David-Lloys in SFX magazing [ here ] ya'll just have to check out! And what's this? Erotic subtex between Ianto and Captain John!? Ooo-er!
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