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writerinadrawer : 1.04

So I'm a tad latish in getting this up, but if anyone finds they've some time on their hands this evening, please consider heading over to writerinadrawerand voting in the latest round?? I promise, there's some pretty excellent fics been posted for round 1.04 and I suspect that voting might be somewhat tight as a result.

Please read the [
Voting Instuctions ] to start with and then the three enty posts [ here ], [ here ] and [ here ], and then you may [ vote here ] !!

Fingers crossed I make it through this week guys! I did manage to get my piece written/submitted despite being ill and I was surprisingly pleased with the result so I'm feeling somewhat confident in an omg-I-don't-want-to-jinx-things sort of way XD 
Also, of vague interest I've edited my Writing Projects post to include the following:
- The addition of a newly planned Torchwood fic: Lifelines [Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Lisa | Unrated | tbb]
- To let you all know I've renamed "Infinite Ink" to "Ink in my Coffee", as it seems more fitting ;) I also edited the pairing to include "Ianto/Jack", because ahem things happened.
- I've written over 3500words today for Tuesday's Dead. This isn't actually in the post but I wanted to mention it anyway XD because on top of that I've added over 2500words to "Ink in my Coffee" - yay for new years and getting back into the writing goove!! ::dances::
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