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TWFanFic: Lay Back in the Arms of Someone [Jack/Ianto]

Title: Lay Back in the Arms of Someone
On Website:
Rating(s): PG/13 Rated.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones.
Warning(s): Fluff. How I managed that I'll never know!!
Dedication: To joulez217, for being such an AMAZING friend and fellow squee!hor ;) I hope you continue to have a brilliant day and that you enjoy that very smexy cake of your's to the max! heh. Happy Birthday, my lovie! ::throws confetti::
 - - -
Ianto smiled lazily, nuzzling back into the warmth of Jack’s arms. It was snowing outside; the white flakes a pleasant if an unexpected occurrence as they sat cozied up with one another, watching as the grounds outside were slowly blanketed beneath a thick, fluffy layer of the stuff. Another pleasant if unexpected occurrence had been Jack’s reaction to the first falling snowdrops.
Ianto had been closing up the Tourist Information Centre, had all but smelt the change in weather on the air and stood, leaning up against the doorframe staring almost daringly out into the night. It was bitterly cold outside, his breath misting before his eyes and his teeth chattering as the chill seeped through the thin layers of his suit to permeate deep into his bones.
He’d barely noticed, before- there!- the first movement to an otherwise still night came in the form of falling anomalies- white and swiftly-melting as they fell, slowly at first and then more quickly. Ianto had reached out, turning his hand palm-side up to catch the snow. He’d smiled at the simple pleasure the action gave him as he brought his hand to his mouth and lapped up the wet puddle of had-been-snow.
He’d been startled by the sudden calling of his name, turning hurriedly to stare wide-eyed at Jack who was staring just as wide-eyed back at him. Jack’s look however had nothing to do with embarrassment as his face broke into one of those slow and easy smiles of his. Before Ianto could do much as blush, the Captain had been upon him, his hands looping about his waist, his lips against his mouth; kissing the very life from him.
Ianto was left breathless and strangely warmed by the time Jack was done molesting him with his tongue and Ianto could do nothing more than stare up at Jack through half-lidded eyes, his mouth a wanton and reddened pout as Jack watched him with hunger in his eyes.
“Jack?” He’d managed to get the name out before Jack was shushing him with a not-so-quick kiss. Ianto’s hands had found their way up to Jack’s neck, his long fingers curling at the nape and sending a sudden shiver through the Captain.
“Your hands are cold.” Jack had looked confused, tugging Ianto hands away and holding them clasped tightly between his own.
“Yes,” Ianto had agreed with a smile and a laugh in his eyes. Jack smiled at him in return and before Ianto knew it they’d had their coats on, the Hub had been locked up for the night and they were walking, un-hurriedly, hand-in-hand towards the street in which Ianto had parked his car. Every so often, Jack would fling his head back and thrust his tongue out, catching snowdrops in his mouth and Ianto would laugh, shaking his head at the other man’s antics before falling into breathless silence as Jack grabbed him by the collar and shared snowflakes between their mouths.
Eventually they’d made it to Ianto’s car; Jack rolling the windows down and laughing into the speeding flakes as Ianto rolled his eyes with a grin on his face and made sure to keep his gaze firmly on the road.
Somehow, they’d made it back to Jack’s place- a rarely used Manor house he’d somehow acquired just out of Cardiff main. It was large and lonely and Jack only ever visited to ensure the place hadn’t become an abode for squatters. But it was also clean, if cold, as they’d hurried into the main room. Ianto making to build a warming fire in the grate whilst Jack flung wide the French doors.
Drunk on the freshness of the air and the fluttering of snowflakes, they’d easily given into the lightness of the mood between them. It wasn’t often that either of them were able to simply let go enough to enjoy this level of freedom and so, in unspoken agreement, they gave into it with their all- coats and gloves dropping at their sides, clothes tugged and pulled and thrown carelessly aside as they joined together- goosebumps warring with the heat of their desire and it was all Ianto could do to insist they keep their tryst indoors and not out in the snow as Jack so desperately wanted.
And now here they were, wrapped up in each other’s arms and the thick duvet Jack had fetched for them from the master bedroom. The fire was warm against the chill of the night (the French doors left open) and Ianto smiled again, feeling as Jack’s arms tightened just fractionally about him before he pressed a soft kiss to the top of Ianto’s head.
“We should have brought marshmallows or something with us,” Jack commented all of a sudden.
“Mmm,” Ianto hummed, already half-asleep.
Jack chuckled, squeezing again at Ianto. “Do you want me to close the doors?” He asked, more softly this time.
“Mmm?” Ianto turned his head slightly, blinking his eyes open. “Don’t move.” He said in reply.
“You sure?” Jack dipped his head, angling his mouth to kiss at Ianto’s lips. Ianto held the kiss for a moment before pulling back.
“Yes,” he answered and allowed sleep to claim him.

- - -


- - -

Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/ianto jones, fanfic: torchwood, on writing: giftfic

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