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Joker!Ianto pwns them all

I go to work for one day and what happens? Fandom goes and explodes all over the place! What's that all about? Can't ya'll wait to post all the shiney stuff when I'm actually around to squee over it!? XD 

Point the first: The covers for the next trio of Torchwood Novels due out March o8. Can I just say HUNUGH!!! and flail around a whole lot over The Twilight Streets? Because, not only does it look like Ianto gets to be more than a tea-boy in this book, but he's also looking lusciously devine!! with his face all half painted and homg that boy is doing crazy things to my overies!! Exciting ys? Heh, I always did go gaga over the creepy looking ones! And, you know, as if that wasn't enough- we get Bilis Manger back too! Ho yeah baby, I'll have my Bilis/Ianto one way or another. Muha!


[Pictures thanks to xof1013 and their post containing the cover art plus synopsis: linked here]

Point the second: tw_fandom_award put up their
Nominations Post and um, I've been nominated in something ridiculious like seven categories! I swear to god I've been in a giddy state of disbelief since dr_is_in let me know this morning. I mean, gosh! I don't stand half a chance for most of the categories I'm in (I mean, just check out who I'm up against!) but I have all my fingers and toes crossed that I'll maybe-possibly-pleasepleaseplease! win with Just Like The Wind [Crossover: TW/Heroes | Ianto/Peter]. I'm not familiar with the authors/fics I'm up against as I've never read in those fandoms so I don't really know my chances with that one, but still, a girl can hope right? X) (and yes, this does mean I'll be getting back to this fic! How can the groove not come back after this!?)

All my love and thanks to everyone who nominated me! And huge congrats to all my flisters who also got nominated! I'll be rooting for you guys so long as you're not in the same categories as me! heh.

I have to say as well, since I've noticed a pattern to the fics of mine which have been nominated, namely of the Jack/Ianto variety- my Ianto character in these fics is such a diva! I mean, honestly! He's a completely sexed up minx who likes to tease and get his own wicked little way with things. And he definitely won't take no for an answer. I heart him so damn much XD haha. 

Point the third: there is no point the third. Which is slightly upsetting actually :| anyone out there got a point the third to share? Of fandom fun and squee?

Oh! Oh, ctheinvisible17- ficcage will appear for you soon! Diva!Ianto wanted to play but Jack was being emo XD and adopted a hands-off policy. I've since persuaded him that Ianto's hands will make his emoness go away with only a few strokes... er, well, what I mean to say is... um... how about we just say they're working out their differences and have decided to play nicely together? heh. ♥

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