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FanFic: Oh, Christmas Tree! [Genfic, Team]

So the results for writerinadrawer[ are in ] and –whoot!- I’m still in the game! XD I’m waiting to find out what (if any) feedback was left in response to my entry, but I’ll be sure to let you know, good or bad, what the opinion was. Until then, however, I’d like to let you all know just which entry was mine and get your opinion on it!
My Entry: Oh, Christmas Tree! [Team | PG-Rated for Language | 500words]
The link above takes you direct to the entry which I submitted to writerinadrawer. Below, is what I can up with before the daunting task of whittling my idea down to the required word count. I kind of like what I had before I had to cut it down, but unarguably, the version I submitted was cleaned up alot better than the original version. Hrmmm. Never happy am I? ;D
Whichever version you read however, I’d love dearly to know what you think!
Title: Oh, Christmas Tree!
Rating(s): PG-Rated for Language (thanks to Owen and his foul mouth!)
Author Notes: 860words approx. // Rough version.
 - - -
“Why only now?” Gwen was asking, a look of puzzlement creasing her brow as she watched Owen and Ianto struggling to upright a rather large and bushy Christmas tree. They’d somehow decided that the most opportune place to display said tree was slap-bang in the middle of the gangway between the entrance and the rest of the hub.
Not only was this not the most opportune place to stick a Christmas tree,- in Gwen’s opinion at least,- but it also made both entering and exiting the hub a bit of a hardship to be perfectly honest. Her hair was already sprinkled with pea-green pine needles and that itching sensation at the very tip of her nose promised her that her allergies were not far off.
“Health and Safety,” Jack answered sparing her a brief smile. He stood with his hands on his hips, surveying the scene before him with a strange and boyish delight.
“Couldn’t have this up for any real length of time,” he continued, “imagine having to make a break for it and finding yourself dancing with a tree instead! By the time you’ve untangled yourself, Cardiff’s been invaded and Christmas is cancelled!”
Gwen raised an eyebrow. She answered wryly, “Wouldn’t be much use for a tree then.”
Jack shot her another smile. “No, I don’t suppose there would be.” He agreed.
“Bloody hell!” Owen stumbled backwards, wiping the back of his hand across his forehead. “What’s the point in sticking this bloody thing up on Christmas Eve if we’re only going to pull it down again in a couple of days?”
“It’s tradition.” Jack said, grinning now as he surveyed the tree. It was about six foot high with a large skirt of needles fanning into a spiral from base to delicately pointed tip.
It was bare of all ornamentation, Gwen noted, opening her mouth to speak. She spotted Toshiko coming towards them a smallish box held in her hands.
“Are those the decorations?” She asked, openly frowning. Toshiko laughed, juggling the box into one arm so that she could pry the lid off. Inside were two objects; an angel and a star.
“Tags for the star!” Owen shouted, jolting everyone as they peered forward.
Toshiko scowled at him. “You got it last year. I want the angle this time around.”
“You got that the year before.” Owen said, mimicking her tone of voice.
“Exactly!” She looked smug. “Logically then, it’s the turn of the angel.”
“It is not!” Owen bit back. “It doesn’t work like some damn rota! I’m not having some pussy fairy on top of the tree.”
“You didn’t even want the tree up in the first place!” Toshiko glared, “You don’t have a right to choose the-,”
“Do too!” Owen butted in. Toshiko pursed her lips. Refusing to be drawn into the childish argument of the “do’s and don’ts”.
“Every year.” Jack muttered to Gwen, sighing dramatically. His eyes sparkled with his amusement. She shot him a questioning look.
“If I may, sir?” Ianto called. He was the only one who hadn’t stepped forward when Toshiko had opened the box. All eyes swung to him and he nodded politely at the attention.
“Yes?” Jack asked, curious.
“I may have a solution.” He answered, smiling benignly, “Something we could use instead.”
Jack’s smile slowly crept back onto his face, twisting his lips upwards into a little half smile as he nodded his head. “Alright,” he agreed and waited.
Ianto smiled once more before turning slightly and raising his fingers to his mouth. A sharp whistling noise sounded, followed almost immediately by the screech of the pterodactyl as she answered what had obviously been a call. Ianto whistled again, this time however he drew the sound out.
A shadow passed overhead. Gwen ducked instinctively whilst the others merely turned their gazes upwards. Myfanwy was circling them, her large wings flapping as she angled herself towards them. No, not them- Gwen realised, seeing that the creature held something clasped tight in her claws- but the tree.
“She’s not… is she?” Gwen gasped.
“Guess there’s a first time for everything.” Jack said, fascinated.
It was with unabashed astonishment that the team beheld the sight of the pterodactyl as she hovered herself somewhat unsteadily just above the tree, her movements awkward as she adjusted her grip on the item she held, the one she was so very patiently trying to sit atop the tree.
Gwen boggled at the sight. Realising, only once Myfanwy released a chirp of achievement, just what she’d sat atop the tree.
“You have got to be kidding me!” Owen gaped. Toshiko let loose a giggle which Gwen was quick to pick up, their faces splitting into identical grins.
“Oh, now I like that!” Jack exclaimed with a laugh as he reached out to sling an arm about Ianto’s shoulders, drawing the other man towards him.
“I thought it fitting, sir.” Ianto said, grinning as they all stared up at the Christmas tree. At the Christmas tree and at the green, boggle-eyed alien Myfanwy had managed to sit on top of it.
“Very fitting.” Jack agreed, before breaking into laughter with the rest of them.

- - -


- - -

Tags: [&]: gen, fanfic: torchwood

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