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LOL Daleks

!! LOL LEGO !!

Okay, no, I didn't update just to point out how weirdly cute the Lego!Daleks are, but rather to discuss the most recent developments as far as the next season of Doctor Who is concerned. Oh yes, ya'll know what I'm talking about! (And for those of you who don't-

Billy Piper is set to return as Rose Tyler for three episodes next season [source]

-now you do!)

Now, half my flist has already exploded with SQUEE and FLAIL and OMGYAYNESS which I'm totally all for as I kind of liked the chick, but I'm also aware that there are a few people out ther NOT AMUSED by the whole thing, which again I can totally understand. But neither of these things is here or there to the actual issue I want to address.

In the press release we're told that "Rose' return will mean the Doctor has three assistants in next year's series", the other two of course being listed Martha and Donna. Umm... but isn't Jack coming back too? Isn't he going to be a companion too?? Or, in the words of someone who isn't me- "Does having a penis mean he doesn't count or something?"! [link] OMGFLAIL OF DISTRESS !! Why isn't Jack being counted as a companion? I mean he is SO MUCH MORE AWESOME THAN ANY OF THE FEMALE ONES!!! XD

::waits for stone throwing to commence::

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