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John Barrowman : The Kids Are All Right

John Barrowman @ BBC Scotland
filming of 'The Kids Are All Right'

So ya'll remember how awesome I told you killer_queen87 was for getting me a ticket to the filming of "The Kids Are All Right"? You know, the one that John Barrowman is hosting? ;) Yeah well I'd just like to remind you all that she is MADE OF AWESOME and I heart her so damn much for the squee that was finally getting to see JB in the flesh- and oh boy! what flesh!! ;D

The morning started off bright and early with my alarm chirping off the Torchwood themetune at around 6:00am. I bounded up out of bed without so much as a second thought to the cosy warmth of my blankets and proceeded to get myself together. I was out of the house for 7:00am, on the train towards the Exhibition Centre for 7:30am and in town and waiting for Loz by 8:00am. All very nicely timed out, if I do say so myself! 

I met up with Loz not long after arriving and admist much squee we headed towards the BBC Scotland building, (both of us remarking on how we'd never actually noticed the building until rather recently! haha). We were two of the first people in for the filming that morning so chose the best seats in their little open-area waiting room. We discussed the random squee of getting to see the Barrowman, getting ourselves hyper and jazz when suddenly out of the corner of my eye I spotted a girl carrying a tray of coffee cups. 

I don't know why this should have caused my head to snap up quite as fast as it did but I can only assume I had some kind of sixth sense thing going on because following behing her was only the man of the moment himself- John Barrowman!! XD I flailed. Completely and utterly. I remember blurting out something about a camera or a phone (likely with the intention of using either to snap a pic of the moment) but literally could not move for the actual shock of seeing the man in the flesh. UNGH. And he had fluffy bedhair! And was all smiley! And laughing! And I flailed some more ::flails:: and just stared and my heart started beating really fast and my legs felt wobbly and BY GOD not even Gareth had that kind of effect on me the first time I met him! ...and I <3 him so much more than I thought I did JB!! 

I eventually recovered, after much 'calming' squee and gibbering between Loz and myself, and it really wasn't too much longer a wait between seeing JB and getting into the studio! We were lucky enough to get front row seats so were pretty much in the perfect place for viewing JB when he eventually sauntered onto the stage! I thought he looked somewhat tired but still utterly delectable! HOMG!! His smile is just gorgeous! And though his hair was no longer of the bedhair variety it was still pretty and I was seriously envious of the make-up artist chick who got to run her fingers through it to make sure it was sitting in place!! 

I won't bore you with all the ins and outs of the day in terms of how these shows are actually filmed so we'll just say there was much repeated clapping and cheering going on, much repeating of the lines JB got tongue-tied on XD, and lots of breaks for the kiddies who aren't allowed to work too long without breaks! During these breaks JB was a complete doll and came over to talk to us all- he unabashedly self-pimped both his album and his autobiography (due out towards the end of January btw! :P)- answered the random questions that people asked (sorry, nothing TW or DW related- Loz and myself completely failed and couldn't think of anything to ask that wasn't likely to get us both kicked out XD) and just generally endeared himself to the lot of us. And he was speaking with his Scotts accent! Swooning much? Me? God forbid! ;)

Again my apologies because my head is still all over the place with squee and I can't seem to recall any of the details I want to! 

- Umm...! Oh!! He said his favourite song on his album is 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic' <33 and that he sang the Moulin Rouge version of 'Your Song' (again with the coincidences, eh!?)
- There was much innuendo made about Haggis' which somehow spurred the mention of JB not being able to get his leg 'up that far anymore' XD
- He mentioned which hotel he was staying in but wouldn't tell us which floor! haha
- He spoke about having to add a footnote to his autobiography explaining the definition and pronounciation of the word 'wean' ('kids' for those of you who don't know!)

Erm... again! That's about all I can recall for now! I did manage to get some fuzzy pictures of JB on my phone but it's not letting me send them out so unless Loz can get the ones I bluetoothed her up I'm afraid ya'll will just have to imagine his prettyness! As for me? I'ma going to take a couple of minutes to run around my room and flail like crazy once again!! XD
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