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Diary of a Fangirl...

James Marsters & Gareth David-Lloyd 
@ The Point, Cardiff : Event & Gig

Where do I begin to tell you about the amazement that was this past Saturday? Words really cannot express the level of squee that had been building up inside me in leu of not only seeing Gareth again, but in also meeting James Marsters for the first time. You'd think that with over a month to build up to both the Event and the gig that I'd have run into some disappointment with one of them at some point, right? Wrong! My only disappointments from my most recent trip to Cardif came in the delay of my flight into the city and then in my having to leave it again so soon. Really, the sooner I move down there the better!

Friday 16/11/07
  Oh yes. Today was the day! I woke up bright and early all but quivering with barely-suppressed squee. My excitement was palpable to everyone I came across and boy! I can tell you, my 9pm flight from Glasgow to Cardiff couldn't come fast enough XD I spent most of the day checking and rechecking that I'd packed all the essentials (THE TICKETS, flight details, passport, THE TICKETS, phone, clothes, THE TICKETS!!!) and texting/phoning anyone and everyone that would listen. 
  It was soon rolling on 3pm and I decided that now was as good a time as any to jump into the town where I'd be meeting Stacey (galaxy_song) whom I was flying down with. I got my mom to double check I'd packed everything I was supposed to- she reeled off the usual "socks, pants, toothbrush" malarky before asking if I'd packed "your bear". Well, cue the angst right then and there! I wasn't going to take Ianto "Yan" Bear to Cardiff, because no one else was and I don't *really* want Gareth to think I'm too weird ;D but on the other hand... it's Yan Bear!! So of course I had to phone Julie (joulez217) up and ask her THE QUESTION- would she, or would she not, bear-sit Yan whilst I was in the Event?! XD haha. She said yes. I was overjoyed! I put him in his bag. ...and promptly forgot about lifting him on my way to the train station ::headdesk:: It's probably for the best, though Yan Bear was very put out with me when I got back! He's still not really talking to me, and Myfanwy (the pterodactyl, not the Welsh dragon) won't let me near him ::wibble:: 
  Anywho! I got into town, meet up with Stacey and we went for some eats before heading to the airport. The squee was high, we were walking on air, we had everything we needed for the weekend ahead and then the powers that be tries to dampen our spirits by announcing that our flight had been delayed :O oh noes!! 
  I'm glad to say we survived this drama, it was only an hour delay- but still, to an expectand fangirl? that hour can drag out a lifetime!! We reached Cardiff safe and sound and made our way to the hostel we were sharing with Julie, Denise (conjunkie) and Georgie (indiefairy) where the squee was re-ignited and we stayed up a late chatting and then being unable to sleep in the knowledge that in a few short hours we'd be heading towards the intimate fan event with James Marsters, Gareth David-Lloyd and the recently announced Cath Tregenna (writer of TW episodes 'Out of Time' & 'Capt. Jack Harkness'). 

Saturday 17/11/07
  There is not much I can say that hasn't already been said, no spoilers or rumours or random cracky comments that I can share that you'll not already have heard by now, so please- allow me to share only my fangirly points of squee and the pictures and videos I managed to capture of the Event and the Gig! 
(Though, if you want the details on spoilers and rumours and the benefits of Mirical Grow, head on over to indiefairy's post

(click for more pictures)

- James Marsters is the biggest flirt out there! haha. And such a genuinly open and friendly guy. During the signings, he commented on how he really needed to stop flirting with everyone. Everyone told him there was no need for talk like that! ...I mean, would you be upset if James Marsters oogled your assets? Really though, he was a very decent guy who made a point of shaking everyone's hand (despite having a broken finger!) and sharing a few words with each person. He even got into a discussion at one point with Georgie about how guns and other kinds of weaponry are really rather sexy XD which of course I completely agree with, especially when they're modled by such delicious looking men!

(click for more pictures)

- Gareth, could I love this boy anymore than I already do? When I went over to his table to get his autograph, he looked at me, smiled and said "I remember you!" I just grinned really widely, my heart turning all a flutter as he reached out and took my hand to shake it. I was nearly a fangirly puddle of goo at that point, but thankfully gathered my senses enough to talk to him about the band he'd be preforming with later that evening. He told me that it wasn't his band but a friend's, who was being rather generous and letting him borrow it! Man, he's too adorable. And woah can sing!! 

(click for more pictures)

- I'm not sure how we managed it, but for the gig, we ended up really quite close to the front! Alas, I do not have any photos of James as my damn memory card ran out! But I did get some lovely ones of Gareth, which despite their quality, I'm really rather fond of. He really does have an amazing voice. And he belts out the blues like nothing else. I only got annoyed at one thing- the gaggle of girls up the back who whouldn't f**ken stop giggling and shouting out. It was rude and shameful and couldn't have been more inappropriate as Gareth was telling us how the next song he was going to sing was in memory of his mother!  

Moving on from that however! Here's a couple of video clips I managed to snap during Gareth's session. Yes, I know, very sneaky of me, but I really couldn't resist ;D 

Gareth David-Lloyd @ The Point - Clip One
Gareth David-Lloyd @ The Point - Clip Two
Gareth David-Lloyd @ The Point - Clip Three

Sunday 18/11/07
EDT: I did have a write up of the Sunday here, but LJ seems to have eaten that bit :(( it involved lots of talk of how awesome the weekend was, and how gutted I felt to be leaving, and how Stacey and myself almost missed our flight back to Glasgow because she got stuck going through customs because Graham (her bubblebath carrying Cyberman) contained liquid over 100mls and they obviously thought she was some kind of terrorist as a result!! I kid you not XD and then our names got called out over the tannoy system to let us know that the flight had already boarded and was awaiting departure- oh noes!! Thankfully, they eventually emptied and let the cyberman through again. Lmao. and we got onto the plane okay after a mad dash to the terminal. Swear to god we worked off all the Starbucks/Subway's we'd consumed over the weekend!! I can't remember what else I'd typed up for Sunday :S I probably went a bit emo about having to come home though XD

As always, there's so much more I want to say but cannot find the words for. So, to save you all from reading my random rambling about how awesome everything was, I'd instead just like to give a big thank you and warm welcome to all the friends I met up with and made over the weekend! It was great being able to put faces to names and get to know some of you guys through both events :) and hopefully we can do it again sometime soon! heh. 

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