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Mini-Hiatus : Caspe is back!

Caspe is back!!

Hey guys! Did you miss me? I missed ya'll loads! I can't even begin to tell you how disfunctional I've been feeling without my daily doses of LJ. Real life is a scarily life-sucking place that just wants to drag you down and down till you're trudging along, brainwashed and zombiefied, another mindless sheep following the system... O_o er, but I'm sure you don't really want to know all about that! 

So...HOW ARE YOU GUYS!? What's the latest drama? Squee? Random piece of useless information you just want to share for the hell of it?? Come on, I'm just dying for any old tidbits ya'll let me have! I'm planning a marathon read-through of the flist this week, just for the last couple of days mind! I'm not brave enough to skip+end of October!! Thankfully LJ seems to be spitting out comment notifications again (took them long enough!) so I'll also be commenting like the dirrty hor I am on any replies I've not yet spotted- so don't be alarmed if that comment you posted last year suddenly ends up with a reply XD

I'll likely be updating this journal like a Trojan over the next couple of days also, as I have loads of squee and stuff to share with ya'll :) but that can wait till tomorrow, I'm sure you won't mind haging on another day, not after my being away for almost a month!

My love and smish to you all!!

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