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Mini Hiatus : Quick Check In

Hey guys, despite the fact I'm posting this, I am still on my hiatus... no really! Just had to pop in to take care of a few modly duties, and to SQUEE!! because Cardiff is only something ridiculous like ten days away. TEN DAYS AWAY FLIST!! Flail with me? And then you must please head on over to [ this post here ] as I'm arranging the meetup (yeah, really, am on hiatus guys!) and even though I'm rooming with most of you, I still want ya'll to toddle on over, because I'm weird like that. 

Also, what have I missed? I'm suffering serious withdrawal symptoms! I haven't checked my flist since I went on LJ hiatus :O it's very distressing! ::smothers you all with glomp:: I miss you guys!! Hold me? :((
((and sorry to everyone who got worried by the abruptness of me going on hiatus. Real Life is kicking my arse. Everything is okay but I need to take time away from LJ and the interweb in general and focus a bit more on RL for the moment. I'll be back as soon as I'm able, because I honestly cannot stay away for too long. You guys are what keep me going :) honestly.))

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