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rec: grindeldore <33

We've all heard the news about Dumbledore being gay by now, I'm sure. And whether or not you're feeling squee or anti-squee over the whole thing, I'm delighted to share with ya'll [ this wonderful post ] I came across over on grindeldore(oh yes, there's a community!) where someone has posted pictures of what they think both Dumbledore and Grindelwald would look like as young men. And can I just take a moment to drown in the drool of TEH HAWT that is the two models being used. "Dumbledore" in particular is doing wicked things to my ovaries... O_o... 

piccies ] [ lol grindeldore macro ]
In other news! ...wait, I have no other news :O how distressing! I was sure there was something else I was supposed to say here :S
Tags: [§] pretty boys, character: [hp]: albus dumbledore, mood: ftmfw!, rec: sharing the love

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