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ficcage, ys?

 Snatched from the Captain's Blog for '1.04 Cyberwoman' over on BBCAmerica:

"Ianto Jones temporarily suspended from active duty, to return at my discretion. His love for Lisa clouded his judgment, and he made some serious mistakes - but I have to wonder if I would have done the same thing in his situation. Ianto's personal needs and emotional state have been overlooked; I should not have missed something like this. During his suspension, I will try to spend more time with him. Hopefully we can establish a closer working relationship." [

In particular I want to highlight the 'During his suspension...' part and beg of my beloved flist, please to be writing me ficcage based on it? Ya'll know there be some Jack/Ianto going on there, even if only at an angsty, platonic and drabbly level. Pretty please? ::puppy eyes::
Tags: [§] pretty please?, fandom: torchwood, on writing: write me fic?

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