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On, Heroes 2.03

So, just finished watching Heroes 2.03. Want to know what I thought the most exciting thing was? Peter getting a tattoo!! Want to know what the most distressing thing was? The fact that he can't keep them! :0 OMG!! 

I was a complete flaily mass of fangirling glee at the amount of semi-nekkid!Peter we got this episode, all that shirtless-ness was just phoar! and then when he was getting the tat I thought I was about to combust from the sheer awesome smexyness and then pfft! there it goes, bye-de-bye. WTF is that all about!? stupid regenative powers >_<  ...okay, okay, not stupid powers. They're what's keeping him alive. Blady-bla. Give a fangirl a break, mmm'k?

I've realised though... I don't have any Peter icons :O I know right!? HELP A GAL OUT FLIST??

Also? Irish-chick rocks. I feel bad that I'm contemplating Peter/Irish (I forget her name :(( my bad?). Poor Nathan is going to feel so rejected.

Speaking of Nathan actually, it's only been one episode and I'm already missing him and his sexy-ass-beard-o'-doom. When's it back, precious?? When??

There should be more mentioned about this episode. But the fangirl in me is still in control.

Oh! Oh! West? He always came across as the creepy-ass-stalker-dude to me till this episode. What a way to sweep a girl off her feet, mate! ;D nice one. ...and then you ruin it by making her daddy out to be a bad-BAD man who hides in bushes and waylays unsuspecting boys. Oh dear.

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