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Prison Break : 3.01


Someone please tell me they've seen Prison Break 3.01!? Because really, I NEED TO SQUEE!!

+ Only the first episode and already this season is looking far better than season two ever was. It could just be the prison-whore in me, but the idea of Michael behind bars again is just far to deliscious to be despairing about! I only hope we get to see his gorgeous tattoo a bit more this series, because really, such a lickable masterpiece cannot be kept hidden away under jumpers and long sleeved tees (especailly not in that kind of heat!).

+ And he has to try and break out again, oh goodness, the manipulation! Does it get any better than this!?

+ Also, this is the first time I've ever plausably considered Michael/Mahone. That little scene where Mahone tells him what spot to go for in a fight? I was all a flail over the pair of them. Oh boys! Mahone is definitely a better looker when he's shabby and casual. And then when he actually saves Michael from that cheat? Again, more flailing ensured. Can I has teh pretty, pls?

+ Trust T-Bag to get in there with the boss man on the first day XD I have to say I'm loving the little bugger! heh. 

There is so much more to squee about but really, it'd be more fun if someone had also seen it and could squee back. Anyone?!

Tags: fandom: [!]: reaction post, fandom: prison break, mood: squee!

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