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Torchwood/Heroes FanFic: If The Rain Must Fall [Jack/Nathan]

Title: If The Rain Must Fall
Fandom: Torchwood / Heroes.
Rating(s): R-Rated.
Pairing(s): (gen) Jack Harkness, Nathan Petrelli.
Summary: With Peter's disappearance, Jack and Nathan find themselves having to work together in an endeavour to locate Nathan's wayward brother.

Story Notes
: This is a spin off arc to my story
Just Like The Wind (overall series: Save the Welshman) and will follow Jack and Nathan through the events already described in the parent story, so it is advisable to read that story first. This piece takes place after the events explained in chapter 7.
 - - -

Nathan set aside the morning paper he’d been pursuing, taking his time to straighten the bathrobe he’d slung atop his sleepwear before moving towards the door of his hotel room. A second round of impatient chapping sounded and Nathan found himself bristling with slight annoyance. If Peter had forgotten his key again, Nathan was going to tie him to his bed; if only to make sure his brother wouldn’t be sneaking out to see the sights of Cardiff when he’d been explicitly told not to.

He’d warned Peter to lie low and recuperate; strongly believing that if his brother just kept from getting too emotionally involved in anything other than daytime television and room service, he’d regain the strength and control he’d lost since their flight from New York.

Peter was the type of guy who just let everything get to him. He became too emotionally invested in the smallest things and Nathan was determined to keep his brother from repeating the almost-disaster that was New York by going nuclear on Cardiff. And if tying him to his bed was the only way to make sure Peter was kept safe, then he’d damn well do it.

The knocking sounded again, accompanied now by a smooth American voice calling out for a ‘Mr Petrelli?’. Nathan tied his bathrobe, hesitating only a moment before reaching for the handle and opening the door.

“Mr Petrelli?” A tall, dark haired man smiled widely at him from the hallway. He wore a long grey coat- period military by the looks of it- open over black pants and a light blue shirt. Beside him stood a young woman, her face openly curious as she peered up at him through the fringe plastered across her face. She was dressed more with the times in dark jeans and a t-shirt; her short leather jacket was wet with rain.

“Yes?” Nathan asked, confirming his name. The young woman shifted, looking as if she was about to say something but thought better of it. He shifted his attention back to the American.

“I’m Captain Jack Harkness,” The man replied. Nathan noticed that his smile did not quite reach his eyes. “We’d like to ask you a few questions about your brother, Peter.”

- - -

Nathan stepped out of his bedroom at the same time the room service arrived with a fresh pot of coffee. He gestured for Captain Harkness and Ms Cooper of Torchwood to help themselves as he seated himself opposite the pair of them. He was dressed now in black slacks and a pressed white shirt and did not fail to miss the appraising look the Captain gave him as he allowed his eyes to unabashedly roam the length of him.

Nathan met the Captain’s gaze squarely once his eyes finally reached his face.

“You said you had questions about my brother?” Nathan asked, pouring himself a cup of coffee. Black, no sugar.

“Just for the record,” The young woman began, her voice lilting with her accent. “You are Nathan Petrelli and your brother is Peter Petrelli?”

Nathan nodded his head, his face expressionless as he sipped his drink. The Captain shot him a slightly amused look. Nathan assumed that this wasn’t perhaps how he’d have chosen to conduct the questioning; he was clearly humouring the young lady.

“You’re both from New York, is that correct?”

Again Nathan nodded his answer. The young woman asked two or three more questions, requiring only the barest of head movements from Nathan before he turned to face the Captain.

“Captain Harkness,” He began, setting his coffee down upon the table between them. “How about we cut to the chase and you ask me what you really want to know?”

The Captain looked at him for a brief moment, the humour slipping from his face as he prepared to answer. “Mr Petrelli, do you know where your brother is right now?”

Nathan tensed slightly though he kept the Captain’s gaze. “Should I?” He asked cautiously.

The Captain made a non-committal sound. “We had hoped…” He purposefully allowed his words to taper off into silence. A tactile method designed to provoke a reaction from him. Nathan bit back his own smile. He could play this game.

The young woman shifted in her seat but both men ignored her.

The Captain’s eyes narrowed slightly when Nathan refused to bite and enquire further.

“Earlier this morning, your brother displayed a worrying talent that very nearly resulted in the destruction of Cardiff,” the Captain began, his gaze intent. “He was subsequently shot and killed.” He added bluntly.

“Jack!” The young woman gasped out.

Nathan felt the blood drain from his face. A rushing sound raced through his ears as he stared in shock at the man seated across from him. It was suddenly very hard to breathe.

“Mr Petrelli, your brother-,” The Welsh woman was cut off by her partner. Nathan watched, as if through someone else’s eyes as they glared at one another. He stood, pacing the length of the room till he stood at the window, gazing unseeingly out across the windswept bay.

“May I see him?” He asked softly, finding his voice amongst the churning sickness that crept up his throat to choke at him. Peter, his beloved little brother, was dead. Dead! How could this have happened...? He felt his body tremble at the knowledge, a wicked heat building up behind his eyes even as he swallowed the guilt and grief back.

He heard movement behind him, the sound was of footsteps crossing the room towards him.

“That’s the thing, you see,” The twang of an American accent let Nathan know it was Captain Harkness whom had approached him. “There is no body."

On automatic now, he turned to face the Captain, his expression one of puzzlement. "Pardon?"

“Our resident Doctor had just removed the bullet which killed your brother when he suddenly woke up and got off the autopsy table.”

“You mean he’s alive?” Nathan asked, frowning deeply. Not understanding at all.

The Captain nodded, his face grim as he watched Nathan intently. “Alive and now loose somewhere in Cardiff. He’s a threat to the people of Britain and I will not have him-,”

Nathan drowned him out as his mind took its sweet time processing the Captain’s words. Peter had been shot, killed. But, like he’d done when Claire removed that shard of glass from his head back in New York, he’d awoken. Come back to life. Peter- he’d sucked in one long gasp of air and was alive once more. Peter was alive. He was alive! Nathan felt weak with relief, giddy at the rush such comprehension brought to him.

Then the anger raged through him. His eyes flashed with fury and before either man had time enough to consider their next plan of action, Nathan’s fist had made an impact as it crashed across the Captain’s face.

Harkness was caught unawares, the force making him stumble back into the decorative table sat just behind him. The girl cried out, rushing forward to grab at the Captain’s arm and fawn worriedly over him.

Nathan flexed his fingers gingerly; his face a cloud of wrath as he surveyed the pair of them. Words were beyond him at this time.

“Okay,” The Captain said, straightening himself and shrugging off his partner, “I guess I deserved that.”

Nathan said nothing. He just watched as Jack pressed his fingers to his mouth. There was no blood but Nathan was sure it would bruise.

“Do you have any idea where your brother might have gone, Mr Petrelli?” The Captain said after a long pause.

“Do you think I’d tell you if I did?” Nathan replied, his words calm and eerily devoid of emotion. Inside he was still bubbling with anger towards the man before him, his hands itching to hit out a second time. How dare he...!

“Mr Petrelli, your brother is a dangerous man. We won’t tolerate such a threat to this country.”

“Then we will leave.”

“It’s not quite that simple, you see.”

Nathan squared his shoulders. “Explain.”

“These abilities your brother has displayed, they’re inhuman. Almost alien, I’d say,” The Captain wet his lips, wincing slightly at the tenderness of his mouth with the action. Nathan waited.

“We have a saying at Torchwood,” the Captain continued, his voice hard. “If it’s alien, it’s ours.”

With that said, Captain Harkness turned away, striding back towards the couch and snatching up the coat he’d slung haphazardly over the side. He made it to the door before turning back and calling for the young woman to follow. She obeyed at once, her eyes wide and confused as she followed him out.

Nathan watched them leave, his heart beating frantically against his ribcage as he tried to process everything that had just happened. The moment the door clicked shut behind them, he raced into his bedroom, snatching up his cell phone and hitting Peter’s number on the speed dial.

The voice of an automated operator answered.

Your call cannot be connected. The number you are trying to reach is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.

The message repeated itself. Nathan felt his blood run cold, his phone slipping from numbed fingers and he sat heavily upon his bed.

Oh god, Peter…

- - -
Tags: character: [heroes]: nathan petrelli, character: [tw]: jack harkness, fanfic: crossover, fanfic: crossover: tw/heroes, fanfic: heroes, fanfic: torchwood, fic: series: if the rain must fall, fic: verse: save the welshman!

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