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Torchwood/Heroes SpinOff: If The Rain Must Fall [Jack/Nathan]

I had intended to finish up my entry for [info]at_the_ritz 's monthly challenge this evening, so of course I ended up writing something else completely! Namely a spin-off story to my Torchwood/Heroes fic Just Like The Wind. ::headdesk::

I came across the notes I'd made for one depicting the Jack and Nathan side of things not long after my harddrive crashed months back. Looking over said notes, I felt the sudden inspiration to make a start at it this evening. It looks like it'll end up being a multi-chaptered fic of around 7-10chapters, pending enough interest!

I've posted the first chapter up on my website, so I'd be infinitely grateful if you could review there, but really so long as you let me know whether it's worth continuing/cross-posting to LJ or not I'll be more than happy! 

If The Rain Must Fall
A Jack/Nathan side story
[Preslash: Jack/Nathan | R-Rated | Spin off arc to my story
Just Like The Wind which will follow Jack and Nathan through events already described in the parent story.]

Also, I'm sure the whole reason this idea came about was because somebody asked for it. Unfortunately I didn't take a note of who that somebody was, so if it was you- please do hollar and let me know! I'd like to assign some blame. Thanks :D


Tags: fanfic: crossover, fanfic: crossover: tw/heroes, fic: series: if the rain must fall, fic: verse: save the welshman!

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