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26 August 2007 @ 08:58 pm
Collectormania : Gareth David-Lloyd Talk  
Collectormania Glasgow : 26th August 07
Gareth David-Lloyd Talk
So, after the explosive squee that was Collectormania yesterday, Julie and myself of course decided to do it all again today ::grin::
It was actually the news that Paul McGann and Gareth David-Lloyd would be doing a talk together that swayed us. Those two boys are just the hottest lovemuffins!
We got into the event a little before midday and managed a walk around before heading for the talk area. Unfortunately Paul and Gareth had decided not to share their time slot and so were instead doing separate talks.
But that was okay! We didn’t mind having to linger around Collectormania for Gareth’s talk ;) Paul’s was just as awesome as yesterday. Lots more people asking questions this time which was good.
The main event however was of course Gareth’s talk. We’d managed to catch the end of Nick Brigg’s talk as we waited in the queue (first in line!) when these mad crazy fangirls ;) came up to us asking if we were off LJ by chance! Of course we were and we all quickly introduced ourselves and then proceeded to gear ourselves up for the squee.
I swear to god we were just as bad as the ‘Coffee Club’ yesterday XD
We got the front row seats and waited in eager anticipation for the man of the moment to arrive. There was much teasing from the man who introduces all the guests- he recognised Julie and me from yesterday and was convinced we were going to flash Gareth. And not with our cameras ;D
Then, Gareth arrived! Before I start with my recollection of the talk, I’d just like to take a moment to inform everyone that Gareth was at the height of sexiness today. He wasn’t wearing his hat and he had this lovely red t-shirt beneath the jumper he wore yesterday. Julie assures me his jeans and shoes were different too XD we’re not stalkers or anything, honest!
And now, onto the talk, everything listed was said by Gareth. Anything in “speech quotes” are direct quotes from the man himself!
What was it like kissing John Barrowman?
+ desertrose9 started us off by asking about his snogging of John Barrowman. Gareth made a quip about never being asked that before telling us (with this cute little smile on his face) that it was “fine” and that John was “very professional” about it which made it that much easier for him as a straight guy to do. Bless him!
Will we be seeing more Jack/Ianto next series?
+ Gareth assured us that the Jack/Ianto relationship would be developed. And that us fangirls wouldn’t be disappointed. (He’d told the ‘Coffee Club’ this yesterday, so it was good to hear it being told to a wider audience today!)
Is it true Ianto is getting a boyfriend next series?
+ I got Julie to ask him if it was true Ianto was getting a boyfriend this series (we’d heard mention it was either a boy or a girlfriend). Gareth hesitated upon answering, smiled and had to think of how to form his words. When he did answer he said that Ianto will develop a relationship with a “person”, which was nice and ambiguous, lol.
Will Ianto get more screen time?
+ Yes! Ianto gets more lines, more action and more screen time- whoot! Gareth told us that the writers have really developed his character this series, and taken him to a place he (Gareth) is comfortable with to play, and that there will be more back story revealed.
When is Ianto’s birthday?
+ I asked Gareth when Ianto’s birthday was. He gave this adorably thoughtful look before admitting that he didn’t actually know. He did say that he’d guess Ianto was a Leo, because as an Ares man himself he’s nowhere near as in control as Ianto is. He also gave us an estimate of Ianto’s age saying he was around 23/24 years old.
How does everyone get on with Martha?
+ He was asked about Martha joining the team and Gareth admitted that the girls were a bit wary/jealous of her, that the boys were a bit attracted to her, that nobody really trusts her, but by the time she’s due to leave they’ve all grown to like her.
Where does Ianto live?
+ Between us we vaguely remembered someone wanting to know the answer to this. Unfortunately Gareth couldn’t answer as he said he didn’t know. Sorry!
Will the Risen Mitten be making a reappearance?
+ I told Gareth that I’d been in Cardiff the previous weekend and that we’d noticed the Risen Mitten was missing from its display case. I asked him whether we would be seeing its reappearance next series and he said it was very likely to make a reappearance but that he couldn’t confirm it for the next series. So who knows ;)
Will you rap the Coffee Song for us?
+ Gareth gave us this wide-eyed look when asked this. He’d been talking about it, saying the video of it had somehow ended up on the internet. We took great pleasure in informing him that it was also at the end of the DVDs now- to which he admitted he’d no idea about! He then (after much fangirl persuasion) caved in and RAPPED FOR US!
“I want a cup of coffee in a proper coffee cup,
If I can’t get a cup of coffee in a proper coffee cup,
Then I’ll have a cup of tea.”

That’s all I can remember from it, but the squee when he was done was pretty deafening XD Gareth you own us all!

"All I want is a proper cup of coffee, made in a proper copper coffee pot,
I may be off my dot, but I want a proper coffee in a proper copper pot.
Iron coffee pots and tin coffee pots, they are no use to me!
If I can't have a proper cup of coffee in a proper copper coffee pot, I'll have a cup of tea!?" (See EDT2)

EDT: Link to the rap found on the Torchwood DVDs can be found [ here ] thanks to galaxy_songfor that! Upon watching it however, we've noticed that it is not the same coffee song! Think that means there will be another one to look out for in the boxset??
EDT 2gritsinmiseryhas found the correct lyrics to Gareth's rap [ here ] and a fanvid where you can hear the song in all its glory [ here ] (not by Gareth I hasten to add!). Have I mentioned how impressed I am that he didn't get tongue-tied!? 
EDT 3nuptsehas the lyrics to the coffee song Gareth raps on the Torchwood DVDs [ here ].
Was anyone, aside from John likely to show their arse on the show/Dr Who?
+ He laughed and said not that he knew of. He said he’d certainly not been asked but confessed that he was “gagging” to show his on screen. He failed to heed our cries for him to do that then and there however XD
Can you speak Welsh for us?
+ Gareth admitted that he didn’t actually speak too much Welsh and that he only knew a few phrases. “Are you ready”, “Shower”, and “Shut up”, which he deemed as being the essentials. We deemed them as being worthy of fanfic. How much more Welsh do you really need to know? ;)
If you could play any character in anything, which would you play?
+ Macbeth! He answered. There were a few superstitious kinds saying he shouldn’t say the name whilst on stage, so he did this cute little twirl to counter any bad luck, haha. But yes, he said he’d love to play Macbeth- “that Scottish guy”.
Where does Ianto get his suits?
+ He named this upper class place Ianto’s suits would be coming from this second series, claiming Ianto was going a bit more “up market” and stuff, but told us that last series many of his suits came from places like Zara and River Island. Gareth told us that he paid a percentage of the cost for the suits and that allowed him to take them home. When asked why he didn’t wear them, he said that he isn’t recognised out on the street when he isn’t in suits and he kind of likes it that way! But that he does where them on occasion. Sweet!
Did you enjoy punching John Barrowman?
+ Yes! And when asked why when he hits John he leaves a bigger bruise than anyone else in team who also hit him, Gareth replied with “because I’m harder”. Take from that what you will!
How is James Marsters (as a character)?
+ Gareth mentioned that James was a great actor and that they’d become rather close. He talked about being at one of James’ gigs and getting on stage to sing. We told him we’d heard (as there are videos online). He’s very pretty when he blushes. XD
Who is your inspiration as an actor?
+ Gareth mentioned three people here, but the only one I can recall is the one he named as his number one inspiration- Gary Oldman. To which much squee was had by us GO fangirls in the audience.
Does Gwen improve as a character?
+ Okay, so he was really asked if she was going to stop being such a bitch jerk this series. Gareth said he wouldn’t be repeating that to Eve when he got back but did say she becomes like a second in command and that she loses the wide-eyed outlook she has about aliens/etc. He failed to mention whether or not she’ll redeem herself next series however.
Will you make me a cup of coffee?
+ Someone asked him if he’d make a cup of coffee for them, to which he replied (in his Ianto voice I might add) “Coming right up, sir!” We squeed hard.

What's the best gift you've recieved from a fan? (thanks for the reminder galaxy_song!)
+ Gareth said it had to be the alarm clock he'd recieved the day before by some people who went to the Bad Wolf Comm he'd missed. On the clock was written something along the lines of "Conventions = £££ = booze". He promised he'd be using it. XD
Um, that’s all I can remember from the talk, guys! But there are lots of squee worthy things of note that I hope will help keep us fangirls going till the series starts again!
If there is anything anyone who attended remembers, please let me know so that I can add it up! Thanks.
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irrlicht74irrlicht74 on August 27th, 2007 04:07 pm (UTC)
Who know? We can only cross our fingers and hope our OTP survives! :D

I'll most definitely do that, because, sorry, but Ianto/anybody else as Jack is NOT an option for me! *growls*

I tell you, Gwen had better keep her paws to herself! The last thing Eve's character needs is another affair!

Right. But I found the following "article" here:

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
In the build up to Torchwood's debut Down Under, Australia's "The West" newspaper has published an interview with actress Eve Myles. She talks about how honoured she felt when Russell T Davies wrote the role of Gwen Cooper especially for her, and goes on to talk about the many relationships that Gwen has had, and may have, in Torchwood - including an interesting glimpse at what might be between herself and Jack Harkness...

“Well, there’s a palpable love there. I think it’s not so much physical sex in the first series because there’s other characters in there that we have affairs with... yes, naughty Gwen, but I think it’s the extremity of her job with all the tensions of work and not being able to share her world with anybody. But with Jack and Gwen, it’s the real thing and they’re going to make you wait for that.”

Soooo??? WTF does that mean?? *is totally confused and slightly scared, especially for her OTP*
tigercheetahtigercheetah on August 27th, 2007 04:36 pm (UTC)
Since Eve was in Australia promoting the *first series* of Torchwood, it's unlikely that she'd be talking about the second series. I'm taking Eve's words with a pinch of salt at the moment, especially as Rhys is returning in the second series. If she cheats on him again, she'll be even less pooular than she is now.

(Love Eve Myles herself)
irrlicht74irrlicht74 on August 27th, 2007 05:54 pm (UTC)
I have to say that I only know Eve Myles from Torchwood and haven't seen her on anything else, and I'm not even an "anti-Gwen" girl. I liked her quite fine in season one. But that was most probably because the writer's DIDN'T let her fall for Jack (well, they did, but she never followed through), which I thought was great, because in the beginning everything looked like she would, but had an affair (or whatever you want to call it) with Owen. I liked her even more because of the fit of rage (and a little hysteria maybe?) she got when Rhys died. That was great. She's definitely a very good actress and I like her Gwen, too. It's just that I'm pretty possessive with "my" pairings. :)
And since that was a rather new article I thought it might have been about season two, but you're right, maybe it's just about season one and my OTP's safe. Even though Gareth's words imply something or better someone else again. :(
tigercheetahtigercheetah on August 27th, 2007 07:06 pm (UTC)
We may get Jack/Ianto under alien influence or have them getting closer as just friends etc but romance isn't going to happen in the long run. Neither will Jack and Gwen. If Jack/Gwen were to happen in series 2, things would start to go wrong by series 3, it's the way a long running series works.

irrlicht74irrlicht74 on August 27th, 2007 07:59 pm (UTC)
I know. It's still sad. But well, I'll do what I always do in cases like that: I'll read fanfiction and ignore the canon. Worked with LoM and House M.D., too.
tigercheetahtigercheetah on August 27th, 2007 08:18 pm (UTC)
Fortunately for me, I like Ianto so much, that I'd watch him snogging everyone and anyone. Owen got more sex than Jack and Ianto put together during the first series.
irrlicht74irrlicht74 on August 27th, 2007 08:24 pm (UTC)
I really wish I could to that, too, but for some reason, I can't explain, I'm very exclusive with the pairings I like. I know that I'm robbing myself of zillions of fantabulous "fandom fanfictions", but it just feels wrong to read e.g. Jack/Jack. Even though I'm tempted lately with Jack/Ianto/Ten fics. ;D David Tennant is just too cute. And I loved John Simm as the Master, too, so... Maybe there's still hope for me. ;)
tigercheetahtigercheetah on August 28th, 2007 05:56 am (UTC)
There you go then.

Though I will admit to feeling jealous for Ianto during the Jack/Jack moments. My poor little 'tea boy' desperately needs some romance in the new series, preferably with Jack but I'll take anyone at the moment.
irrlicht74irrlicht74 on August 28th, 2007 04:40 pm (UTC)
Though I will admit to feeling jealous for Ianto during the Jack/Jack moments.

Me, too. Especially when Jack said, that "there's no-one else". *blinks* Well, thank you very much. I really wanted to kick him, but... Yeah. I guess that's where that pairing goes: nowhere. Just like you said.

Let's see what the writers have in mind. I'm just curious like hell, no matter what. :D
Campaspe: Torchwood \\ Red Tie Cheeky Grincs_whitewolf on August 27th, 2007 07:07 pm (UTC)
It's the "they're going to make you wait for that" part which scares me. It sounds ominiously like that's what the writers are building up to, when for the most part it's the last thing we watchers want.

I just want them to redeem Gwen's character! Not turn her into a Mary-Sue type whore, who gets in bed with all the other characters, creates all the tension and drama, but still wants everyone to love her. GAH!!!

Still, Gareth has promised us some Jack/Ianto so, even if at the end the characters decide it's not the real thing between them, I'll be satisfied that at least they tried, you know? Maybe they're not meant to be. But that doesn't mean Jack/Gwen should take over!

I'd cry horribly if Jack/Ianto didn't survive though XD
irrlicht74irrlicht74 on August 27th, 2007 07:57 pm (UTC)
Yeah, me too. That's exactly what came to MY mind immediately; that it'll be Jack/Gwen in the end, no matter what. *shudders*

I, too, hope they will. Kinda "re-write" her, I mean. Even though I liked her in season one, there were moments I just wanted to hit her. Then again, I had those moments with Ianto, too, and I love him to pieces. ;D

Still, Gareth has promised us some Jack/Ianto so, even if at the end the characters decide it's not the real thing between them, I'll be satisfied that at least they tried, you know?

Unfortunately I'm not. I mean, I know, sure, but I'd like to have my pairings. Period. And that's why I - sooner or later - will have to stop watching TV, I'm afraid. Because they NEVER give me the pairings I want. (Alias and Charmed excluded, but those were the only ones so far.) I mean, I know they'll never write House and Wilson together. It's a "family" TV show. But Torchwood is different. And I really hoped... Yeah, well. Basically for Jack/Ianto. *laughs* I know I won't get it, but I still keep wondering why not. Because the show would get boring? I guess just because Jack's not exactly the monogamous type.

Well, there's always fanfiction, right? ;)