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Collectormania Glasgow : Meetup 25th August 2007

Collectormania Glasgow
Meet-Up : 25 August 07

Well, I thought nothing could top last weekend and the Cardiff Meet-Up, but my gawd people, Collectormania Glasgow sure does give it a run for the title of SQUEE!! XD

L-R: absdax and her "Plus One", joulez217, Me! with the dodgy fringe, _princess_han_, killer_queen87

The day started with a 6am wake up call. Luckily the prospect of the squee woke us right up and we were ready and out the house before you could so much as blink. We arrived a little before 9am, and after a bit of confusion as to where the front doors actually were, we finally found our way inside the Braehead Arena and the Showmasters event.

As I'd had the foresight to prebook tickets for Julie and myself, we got to stand in the 'Early Bird' line, which garunteed us a free autograph from Jimmy Vee (the Moxx of Balhoon)- not someone I'd have gotten one from at all, but pretty glad I did as he was a really sweet kind of guy!

Whilst standing in the queue, waiting to be let in I spotted someone all but bouncing down the hallway towards the event. Something made me raise my arm and wave and upon recieving a returning wave, I immediately recognised her as being absdax- a completely insane fangirl who just rocked my socks XD She brought us the "Save the Welshman, Save the World" t-shirts she'd made up for Julie and myself and we had a good old squee about it! 

We got into the event and headed straight towards the booth giving out tickets for the talks. We got tickets for the Doctor Who, Anthony Head and Paul McGann talks. We had a general roam about the place (as the guests weren't out yet) and over the course of the day came away with loads of little bits and bobs. Julie got a Torchwood poster with Jack on the front and my littlest sister made me buy her a sonic screwdriver. I'm tempted to buy an Ood ://

We bumped into killer_queen87, her little sister, and _princess_han_ not long after. They came up to us after recognising the Ianto Bears :D and we had some general squee. Turns out that pretty much everyone we met that day had seen the Ianto Bear/Jack Bear video. I am mortified. I really am XD but I have to say the fact that Julie showed it to her *parents* tops all else. ::glares at Julie before burying head in sand:: Thankfully, Gareth knows nothing about this! ...not a word Julie!

We went for some refreshments with absdax and three of her friends (I'm sorry, darlings, I can't remember your names :(( !!), and the Ianto Bears decided that they were going to get frisky with each other- paradox be damned! We had a mini!Jack and a not-so-mini!Ten joining in and they had a good ol' gang bang right there in the middle of the food court. We got some seriously odd looks! XD ...mostly from the parents of young children! haha.

(More Pics of their fooling around will be up on ianto_bears at some point tomorrow!)
We got autographs for Jimmy Vee (as mentioned above), Paul McGann (who is SEX ON LEGS and the most gorgeous person you could ever hope to meet. He was totally up for chat and photos and just general fun. Marry me pls?), Nick Briggs (Who does the voice of the Daleks. Best part about meeting him was his mishearing 'Joulez' as 'Jaws' and giving Julie the oddest look when she asked him to address her autograph as such! haha. Bless. But he wasn't the only one- both Paul and later Gareth also heard 'jaws'. Much amusement was had!)

My littlest sister (Kelsey) with Devon Murray ("Seamus Finnigan")
Me with Anthony Head :D duude, I look well chuffed! haha.

Me with Paul McGann XD I'll maybe post the 'professional' ones at a later date.

Unfortunately, Gareth had missed his plane down (wtf boy?), but he managed to get the train up and we were quoted 3.30pm before he would arrive, which was cool as it gave us plenty of time to get all our talks and squee! in. There was some mutterings of this being a repeat of the last convention he couldn't make but I'd like to let everyone know that WE HAD FAITH IN HIM. And he did eventually arrive :D but more on that in a moment!

The talks were pretty fantastic. Nick Briggs kept changing the voice changer and shouting out "Exterminate!" much to our glee :D; Anthony head is my god HAWTNESS1!1one! a pretty cool guy too, and though I'm not huge on the Buffy squee, I did enjoy his talk XD. Best talk though I feel was Paul McGann, just because the half hour flew by and he still kept going even though the staff were trying to get him off- rock on Paul! He keep looking over towards the 'Coffee Club' crew, as we've dubbed ourselves and making prolonged eye-contact with all of us. This made us squee something aweful! :D

Right after his talk he was doing a photoshoot which absdax and her crew were going to and on the spur of the moment I decided I was going to get one too :D. Man he is just made of the pretty, and makes you feel so comfortable. Death to my fringe however, as it was not playing nice at all today!

After texting indie_fairy to keep her updated on the Gareth situation, we decided to get her an autograph from Paul as well. So after the photoshoot, we rushed over to his stand. When he arrived he looked at me and did a double take:

Paul: I swear I just met your double!
Me: My god, really? Imagine that! ::grins::
Paul: ::indulges me::

He signed a picture for Georgie and I can't really remember what we were saying but I ended up replying with:

Me: Whilst you're at it, why don't you give it a kiss?

And he did! DAMNIT! If I hadn't just had her name put on it, I'd have kept it to myself XD Georgie, you're one lucky bitch you!

There was still lots of time to kill before Gareth was due to arrive so we did some more random wanderings and eventually found a place to sit and brainstorm fic ideas. absdax and me came up with this kick-ass Eigth Doctor/Ianto idea. We kept going between a slash, a general companion, or a father/son combo- but really, I'm easy for whatever XD

Eventually 3.30pm rolled around and bouncing with squee, we made our way towards the photoshoot area as we'd been told he would be doing that before the signings. We were first in the queue and so goddamned hyper XD I'm sure we actually got asked to calm down by one of the staff but we kind of ignored her, lmao. Yeah for teh squee! 

Now, we did some real scary fangirling. There was a black curtain backdrop just behind us, but it had slits down it so you could walk through into the 'backstage bit'. Guess who we saw arriving in the backstage bit? Only Gareth David-Lloyd! We SCREAMED! Six crazy fangirls, all screaming and jumping, and the poor guy looked over and it was another one of those "omg hide your face" moments. haha.

Man, he is gorgeous though. Mmmm. The way he just holds you to him ::dreamy:: Abi and I were all squeeing over the fact that we were wee enough to fit snugly beneath his shoulder. Julie was all "Rock on! I'm taller than him" lolz. We ended up stalking him for the rest of the day, getting loads of photos and autographs and eventually a big group shot of all us crazy "Coffee Club" girls and Gareth :D

He also loved the Ianto Bears (really, how could he not?) and we managed to get him to hold them for a picture! I swear to god, my bear still smells like him. Honest!!

We also asked him loads of questions (well, we kind of made Abi ask him, but they still got asked!)

+ On Jack/Ianto, Gareth said that will be more and that we "won't be disappointed"!
+ He promised that the stopwatch will be making a reappearance!! 
((anyone remember seeing the trailer they showed with James Marsters character attacking Gwen? Anyone else think Ianto was holding a stopwatch in it? Yeah, me too! My theory? There was some kinky Jack/Ianto stopwatch fun going on. James' character caught them and got so pissed off that he wasn't invited that he decided to go scitzo on the rest of the team. Oh you know it's true! ;D))
+ Gareth said that the whole team were angry at Jack for his disappearance. 
((I'd been hearing rumours that apparently everyone was supposed to be all forgiving of him, so yeah!))
+ And on being asked whether he thought Ianto would make a good companion for the Doctor, Gareth said that yeah he did. And that he might actually put that to the writers. We squeed at that point. Alot. And even managed to get him and Paul McGann to stand together for a picture- they had their arms round one another and Gareth blushed! PaulEight/GarethIanto FTW!!!

Oh boys. You are both so pretty. You make me squiggle leik woah! ...and? HAND PORN!? yummy.

Man. So much more happened. I'm probably forgetting a whole load of stuff, but the squee is still strong :D 
The best bit??


What!? Gareth and Paul are doing a talk together. How could we miss that?! XD

Overall, fantastic weekend. We met great people. Great Guests. And had a shitload of fun! I couldn't have asked for a better day :D

Also, Julie wanted me to post this for you Shaz:
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