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Question time!

Question time, flist!

I'm writing a fic at the moment that will briefly mention when the real Jack Harkness enlisted in the army, and I want to know: What's the youngest age an American before the 1940's could be before they'd be allowed to join? 

Wikipedia is wasting me and I fail at this research thing apparently :((

-- thanks everyone who took the time to reply! I think I'm going to go ahead with a theoretical 17yrs old. As it's really only a passing mention and I need him pretty youngish ;D I've been saying in reply to some of you guys, that I kind of wish I was doing more with all this information you've supplied me with! I'll definitely be keeping it all in mind should I ever need any info on this subject again- you guys are awesome! Thanks again.

x-posting to torch_wood.[ link ] And only mentioning it because I get to have my shiny new mini sonic screwdriver icon show up. 

Tags: [?] question, fandom: torchwood, misc: a little help...?

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