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Shamelessly nabbed from miss_zedem:

Name six of your favourite TV shows without looking below the cut, then answer the questions.

1. Torchwood
2. Supernatural
3. Heroes
4. House MD
5. Prison Break
6. Harry Potter

01. Who is your favourite character from #2? 
-- Dean. because even though Sammy's got the emo loving going on, Dean has the MAN PAIN!!11one! that makes me wibble and want to do naughty things to with him.

02. Who is your least favourite character from #4? 
-- Cameron. She has this uncanny ability to bug the hell out of me.

03. What would a crossover between #1 and #5 include? 
-- Torchwood/Prison Break: ::grins:: Oh now you're asking! Jack would totally have had to land himself in Fox River and thus escape with the boys (Jack/Lincoln??). Ianto would of course have to feature in somewhere and share in the boy pain with Michael and really... this needs more pondering!
EDT: I've got it! In an AU verse, Ianto is Michael's tattoo artist, young though he may be he's exceptionally talented with his hands and tongue and during their sessions he builds up a strong relationship with Michael that climaxes the night before Michael holds up the bank (I'm thinking, slow and angsty man loving with unspoken words of love and much tattoo worshiping!). Michael gets himself thrown into Fox River. Ianto is suspect and uses his own intellect to figure out the codes/etc hidden in the designs for Michael's grand tattoo and proves invaluable in helping Michael get both himself and his brother out. 
(The tattoo parlor would be run by Jack Harkness who specialises in both tattoos and piercings. Tosh and Ianto would be tattoo artists, with Tosh perhaps better at designing them. Gwen would be the resident piercings expert. And Owen, like Jack would probably have experience with both.) 
Fic would be from a "Torchwood" perspective (alas no alien jazz) but be set in the Prison Break verse.
Duudes, this could actually work! :O

04. Who is your favourite ship from #6?  -- Oh gosh. I think for the first time in my life I'd have to choose Snape/Lupin over Harry/Snape! O_O... oh my.


05. If you were to set one person from #3 and one person from #6 on a blind date, who would they be? 
-- Peter Petrelli / Harry Potter FTW! They'd be so unbelievably cute and awkward to begin with XD

06. If you could meet one person from #4 and spend the day with them, who would it be, and what would you do?  -- House. Though I expect I'd either be pathetically fangirly or freakily reserved. His wit and snarkasm would kill me dead. I'd have to take him out in public just to ensure it was directed on everyone else first!

07. If you could change one thing about #2's plot line, what would you change? 
-- As much as I adore my incest, I'd have them not be brothers, but boys that grew up/close together. Then we could have some serious boy loving going on. Ho YS! Dean/Sammy for the win!!

08. Explain a relationship between two people (not necessarily romantic) from show #5, and why you like the relationship between them.  -- Michael/Lincoln. It's so... corrupt. Michael obviously has this deep love and respect for his big brother, and even when he hates and doubts him, he'll still do everything in his power to help him. Duude. This type of devotion is hard to come by (well, except in Supernatural... and Heroes... and...!). I angst over how much Lincoln doesn't realise this till Michael's in prison with him, trying to break him out. ::smishes her boys::

09. If the lead title characters (first name in the credits) from #1 and #3 were both drowning, and you could only save one, who would it be? 
-- (I think everyone would cop out with this option but...) Jack Harkness and, I'm not entirely sure who's at the top of the credits for Heroes, but it would probably be them because apart from Peter and Claire, Jack's the only one who would come back to life!  heh.

10. If you could change the title characters' order in the credits for #4, what order would you choose?  -- 
House, Wilson, Cuddy, Chase, Foreman, Cameron. Going from fave to least of course ;D

11. If you were able to add a new character, any kind of character you wanted, to the storyline for #6, what would the character be like, and what would their role be? 
-- I'd have a Slytherin, (Campaspe Shea Wolf soon to be Mrs Snape because Mary-Sue FTW!) who- whilst still proud of their bloodline/etc- could see Voldemort for the fake that he is and use their cunning to get out of joining his side/perhaps, though not necissarily, fighting for the 'good' guys... One of the many things that bugged me about JK's series is the lack of good Slytherins, despite her preachings of equality and house unity. 
Either that or I'd have the lovechild of Severus Snape and Lily Potter crop up, just to turn heads ;D

12. What happens in your favourite episode of show #2?  -- oh gosh, just one episode!? UMM! omg it's so hard to choose, but I think I'ma going to have to go with "Born Under a Bad Sign", which sees Sam go missing for around a week. Dean in frantic with worry trying to find his brother who turns up claiming to have no memory of the time he was away. In this episode we get possessed!Sammy and ohmy! but he curls my toes. Sam is unable to fight the possession, and the demon inside him tries to get Dean to kill him/his brother, which Dean refuses to do, knowing there must be some other way to save his baby brother. Dean doesn't lose his faith, not even when Sam kills another hunter, ties up and threatens to cut Jo and shoots Dean, leaving him for dead. The exorcism was way fantastic and UNGH I must go and rewatch this episode now O_O...

13. If you could kill off one of the characters in #1, who would it be and how would you do it? 
GWEN!!! um... not that I've thought about it constantly since pretty much the start of the series or anything. Ahem. I'd kill her in a way that redeems her character though. Because as much as I'd love to have her humiliated, retconned and run over by the SUV, I'd forgive her character flaws and perhaps even embrace her for what she was if we could see a more realistically 'human' side from her. One that isn't whoring herself around Cardiff that is, plskthnx.

14. If you got the chance to visit the set for either show #3 or show #5, which would you choose? 
-- It would have to be #5 Prison Break, only because Wentworth Miller's upper-body tattoo plays hell with my hormones and I would just die of the GUH to see that up close and personal. Preferably with tongues involved. I'ma just saying.

15. If you could date anyone from any of these shows, which show and which person?  -- Severus Snape from Harry Potter. Because he's been my constant fandom love guy since I first started reading the series around 10years ago. He's not pretty, he's petty and mean but there is just something about his character that calls to me and, by god, I love him! Snaspe 4eva!

So... Ianto Jones/Michael Scoffield, anyone??
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