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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows [Spoilers]

 I finished the book at some ungodly hour this morning. On a whole I LOVED IT, but my head is still all over the place so there's unlikely to be any coherent reviewing of the novel from me, but I though I'd make a nice little list of all the points I feel ought to be mentioned.

+ The Dark Lord Ascending. Albino peacocks and Severus as Voldemort's right hand man? FTW! XD

+ RIP Hedwig :(

+ Headmaster!Snape. I'd have loved this so much more if Harry was still attending Hogwarts. All the detentions and spakings and Severus being able to do wtf he wanted to Harry. UNGH. My mind pns it all. Still we got sadistic Carrows. And Neville being a rebel. Who's got fic?

+ Remus/Tonks? GOD NO. Too rushed, too unrealistic, too fake. sarcasticchick and I have come to the conclusion that Remus is the repressed gay man, who's trying to appear straight by rushing into a marriage and having a kid. It clearly doesn't work. The whole Remus/Tonks front read as if JK had just squished it in there to make the fact she killed them both off more heartwrenching. This also didn't work. I was more outraged that she had the audacity to downplay their deaths (it was what, maybe mentioned in a 'oh, Remus and Tonks are both dead? Alas'  way) and to make Teddy an orphan when she gave almost everyone else their happily ever after. SUCKS JK.

+ Peter Pettigrew. Well, we knew he wasn't going to hurt Harry, but to kill himself? B'wah!? Were was the Peter/Remus fight to the death we were all looking forward to!?

+ Lavender Brown... I am right in thinking she got bit by Fenrir Greyback, right?

+ I cried, like a baby, when Severus died. I had to read that page twice before it sunk in that he was dead. I'm thankful JK let him have the dignity to die 'alone', as opposed to infront of eveyone/during the battle. But am still so horribly miffed he had to die at all. He was terribly underused in this book (yes, even though he's pretty much all I'm talking about in this post). 
I was expecting to see far more of Snape in DH after everything that happened in HBP but, though he played some big parts in the larger scheme of things, we saw less of him than usual. It makes Caspe wibble.

+ Severus/Lily FTW! It's was my uber secret OTP. Theories that Harry could really be Severus' son may live on! 
Does that fact that I ship Snarry as a pairing and as father/son make me wierd? Not in the same fic of course. Um. Unless anyone's written one like that? ::shifty eyed::

+ Oh look, Fred is dead. Could we underplay this just a tad more?

+ Line that PWNS me: (After Dumblefore tells Severus he must be the one to kill him) 
"Would you like me to do it now?" asked Snape, his voice heavy with irony. "Or would you like a few moments to compose an epitaph?"

+ Kings Cross. This, I really liked this. It felt as if Dumbledore had never been away and gives me so much hope for Severus/Remus in the afterlife XD

+ Harry's duel with Voldemort was somewhat anti-climatic. I read, I blinked, I went huh? After all the build up, Voldemort's spell pretty much just backfired on himself. Still, go Harry.

+ In The Chapter That Must Not Be Named: Albus Severus Potter? Unfortunately it's not the kinky cross-generation threesome I was hoping for, but is infact the name of Harry's middle child. Soon to be a Slytherin and refered to as ASS when they slash him to death with Scorpius Malfoy (Draco's son). JK, you make me LOL. ::goes to join the_ass_ship community::

There is so much more I want to say but I have to run away, the parents force fed me whilst I was doing my marathon read of HP and I've been rather sick since. Thank goodness I managed to finsih the book before my stomach started rebelling!
More squee/anti-squee to come as I remember them.
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