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'Arry Potter : OotP

Just back from seeing the latest Harry Potter movie and thought I'd share with ya'll my very brief (and spoiler-free) impression before I rush off to bed. On the whole, it had the potential to be a good movie- a great movie, even. There are bits I adored, bits that almost made me squee, bits that made me gasp and cover my mouth. Overall though? I didn't find it all that good. Nowhere near as great as I was expecting. A bit rushed actually. And to be perfectly honest, I find myself pretty damn disappointed by the whole thing. But then, maybe my expectations were too high? Maybe all this Pottermania over the film/the impendingness of the last book has gotten me expecting great things when I should be expecting... well, something that isn't great (but not all that terrible)...? Hrmm.

What did everyone else think of it? 

I've been avoiding reading all reactions thus far, so if you've posted your thoughts on the movie, please drop me a link so I can play catch up!!

Also, harem_ent? Petunia's legs FTW! I'ma have nightmares despite the fact you were so right. O_O...
Tags: [§] to squee or not to squee, fandom: [!]: reaction post, fandom: harry potter

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