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Art Pimpage!

Ohmigosh flist! The wonderfully talented johanirae has created the most gorgeous piece of fanart in existance for my Torchwood/Heroes crossover "Just Like The Wind" Now, I'm obviously biased in my opinion here, but it really is too fabulous for words and so I urge you all to go check it out! It's such a beautiful representation of the last chapter and makes me all squiggly with happiness to stare at it :)

Costal Winds | by Johanirae | PG-Rated ]

Johan, darling, I have so much love for you! ♥ MWAH!
((Also, I simply must note, my fabulous icon here was created for me by gemstar69, who totally owns my soul for its prettyness!))




Tags: [§] giftstuff for me, fic: series: just like the wind, fic: verse: save the welshman!, pimpage

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