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TWFanFic: Is that a mirror in your back pocket...? [Jack/Ianto]

Title: Is that a mirror in your back pocket…?
Rating(s): R-Rated.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones.
Word Count: 2100
Summary: Unbetad. Ianto makes good on his promise to Jack.
Dedication: To First Timer, for unwittingly saving my muse from Myfanwy ;) and getting me to write part three of this little stopwatch smut series.
 - - -
Ianto!” Jack called out, trying to get the Welshman’s attention. “The stopwatch, Ianto!”
Ianto peeked at Jack though his fingers, seeing the irritated look that flittered across the Captain’s features as he dived forward, scooping up the stopwatch Ianto had dropped to his side.
“Hrmm…” Jack eyed the timer, squinting in displeasure at it. “Since you are obviously incapable of keeping the time, I think we can assume that this forfeits.”
Ianto had pushed himself into a sitting position, his knees drawn up to his chest as he gaped disbelievingly at Jack.
“For gods sake!” He snapped, “Someone’s just caught us at it and all you’re concerned about is the damn stopwatch!”
“Hey, if it gets you under my desk giving me a blow-job, I don’t bloody well care if the whole of Cardiff caught us.”
Ianto shot him an offended look as he swung his legs from the bed. Jack’s hand snapped out to grab at Ianto’s arm before the Welshman could get off the bed.
“Whoa,” Jack muttered, reaching for his other arm and turning Ianto to face him. “Calm down, okay?” Jack ran his hands over Ianto’s arms. “It’s not that big a deal.”
“Calm down? Just how am I supposed to calm down?” Ianto scowled at him and Jack couldn’t help but smile.
“Don’t worry about it,” Jack said, leaning in to press a kiss to Ianto’s mouth. “What’s the worst that could happen?”
Ianto curled his lip at him. “This isn’t something you can kiss and make better, Jack,” he said, his eyes flicking from Jack to the hatch entrance and back again.
“No?” Jack asked, leaning in again. “Can’t I at least try?”
Ianto’s shoulders slumped as Jack’s mouth touched his once more, his lips moving softly across Ianto’s own, urging the Welshman to forget for just a moment that they’d been caught. Ianto allowed the kisses, allowed himself to take comfort in Jack’s warm mouth and Jack’s strong arms as they wound about his waist- pressing the heat of their bodies closer together.
It was with a moan of regret that Ianto pulled his mouth away and pushed Jack back, wetting the swell of his lips with a lingering swipe of his tongue. Jack’s eyes were impossibly dark, half-lidded and intent as they watched the movement of Ianto’s tongue.
“We need to get dressed,” Ianto breathed softly, his hands tickling as they brushed over Jack’s chest.
“We don’t have to do anything,” Jack said with a leer and Ianto smacked at his arm, frowning as he looked towards the hatch again.
“I don’t think we have much choice,” Ianto muttered, making to stand. Jack let him get up this time, watching as Ianto first gathered then donned his clothing.
Jack wrinkled his nose. “Aren’t you going to shower first?” He asked and Ianto rolled his eyes.
I am going home to shower and getting myself a clean suit while I’m there.”
“Oh are you now?” Jack grinned, climbing up off the bed and prowling towards Ianto.
The Welshman tried to fend him off by throwing Jack a fresh set of clothes. Jack merely dodged, scooping Ianto into his arms and delighting in his girlish squeak of protest.
“Yes, I am,” Ianto wriggled in his arms, trying not to smile even as he tried to get away, “And if you expect me to suck you off later, I insist you do the same.”
Jack’s grin widened. “Yes, sir!” He crowed and Ianto laughed.
“I could get used to you calling me that.” Ianto pressed a quick kiss to Jack’s lips before finally managing to wriggle free.
By the time they were both suitably dressed and had ascended the ladder to Jack’s office, Ianto found himself grudgingly able to accept the idea that someone from Torchwood had seen Jack giving him head; thus he was able to prioritise his concerns to who had seen them and what were they going to do about it.
“Good morning, Gwen.” Jack’s voice was bright and cheery as he stepped out of his office. Ianto suppressed a groan as he came up behind Jack. The former PC looked less like the startled rabbit Ianto had been expecting and more like an angry rhino as she hovered by her desk, her face red and her arms crossed defensively.
Ianto nodded politely in her direction, an indignant blush creeping up to stain his cheeks as she looked him up and down. Ianto cleared his throat.
“I’ll be an hour at the most,” He said, turning to Jack just as the main entrance to the hub rolled open and both Tosh and Owen entered. The Captain frowned but nodded. 
“What happened to you?” Owen’s voice rang out as the Welshman brushed past them with a brief ‘good morning’ followed by a hastily called out ‘bit of a tumble with the pterodactyl’.
“Right,” Gwen’s voice was somewhat shrill as she responded to Ianto’s comment. “If Myfanwy were a six foot man with red braces and love bites creeping up the collar of his shirt.”
Everyone froze. Just for a moment, not so much as an exhale of air could be detected until Ianto, standing just inside the main entrance, cleared his throat and lamely attempted to fix his crumpled tie.
“Quite,” He muttered, as if to himself before diving out the hub and disappearing into the lift.
Everyone turned from Ianto’s retreating figure to Jack, who smiled brilliantly and raised his hands in a ‘can you blame me?’ gesture.
Gwen scowled. Owen looked sickly horrified. And Tosh, well Tosh looked worryingly intrigued by the whole revelation.
“So,” Jack began, shoving his hands into the pockets of his trousers. “Anyone for coffee?”
All three of them suddenly found something else of far more fascination to be getting on with. Jack frowned. His coffee wasn’t that bad. Right?
Least to say, that when Ianto returned to the hub, exactly one hour later, he was not in the best of moods. In fact, he’d been sulking for the better part of the morning, not that Jack could blame him of course, even if he was worried about the Welshman holding up his end of the bargain.
“Coffee, sir?” Ianto appeared in the doorway and Jack looked up from his musings, his grin turning lecherous at the sight of the Welshman.
“Only if coffee is code for a blowjob under my desk?” He looked hopeful.
Though clad as impeccably as always in another one of his affectionately dubbed ‘cute suit’s, his face the picture of politeness, Jack could tell the Welshman was annoyed.
“I’m sorry, sir,” Ianto said, nostrils flaring momentarily, “this particular brand of coffee doesn’t come with an ulterior motive.”
Jack pouted. Ianto pursed his lips, setting Jack’s coffee down on the desk in order to check his watch. He frowned, turning to pop his head out of Jack’s office door before ducking back in.
“I’ll give you two minutes.” Ianto finally relented, loosening his tie and the topmost button of his shirt.
“Two minutes?” Jack scoffed. “I’m not even hard up yet! You’re not that good, Ianto.”
Ianto raised a delicate eyebrow, pulling his stopwatch from his breast pocket.
“If I don’t manage it in two minutes,” Ianto began, stalking towards Jack. He placed his hands on Jack’s legs, spreading them slightly as he leant in to swipe his tongue over the shell of Jack’s ear. “I’ll let you do me anywhere you want.”
He finished with a whisper and a wet kiss to Jack’s earlobe before slowly sinking to his knees, his hands rubbing encouragingly up and down Jack’s thighs as he nimbly manoeuvred himself beneath the Captain’s desk.
“Anywhere?” Jack breathed, his eyes growing wide.
“Anywhere.” Ianto agreed.
“And if you do manage it?” Jack swallowed as Ianto’s hands made swift work of his belt and zipper, pulling his growing hard-on from his pants.
“I’m sure I’ll think of some way you can repay me.” He smiled impishly, moving his head forward, “Oh, and Jack?” He called, finger hovering over the button for the stopwatch. “Do try to keep it down.”
Jack hadn’t a moment to reply as Ianto’s mouth suddenly accosted his cock. He sighed softly, feeling his loins tighten as the blood rushed down to pool in his lap, swelling him further.
His hands tightened as they reached out to grip at the edge of the desk before him, his eyes flicking through the open doorway of his office for a moment before dropping to watch- half-lidded and breathless- as Ianto sucked his cock into that beautifully wanton mouth of him.
Jack closed his eyes to the sight as Ianto’s tongue did wicked things to the head, before the heat of his mouth enveloped him and sucked him down deep. Jack’s hips flexed slightly and he bit back a whimper as Ianto allowed the motion, encouraged it even as he kept stroking at Jack’s thigh with his free hand.
“Jack?” Gwen’s voice called as footsteps clanked their way up towards his office. Jack hissed as Ianto’s teeth grazed him in his surprise before gaping as Ianto pulled his mouth away.
“Push your chair in,” Ianto whispered frantically, pressing himself as far back as he could.
Jack grinned widely and did as he was told, moaning as Ianto’s mouth went to work on him again.
The Captain jumped slightly, his eyes springing up to see Gwen standing in his doorway. A muffled choke came from beneath the table and Jack shifted, biting at the insides of his cheeks to keep from making any suspect sounds.
“Something I can help you with?” Jack bit out. If his voice sounded strained and forced, it had nothing to do with the fact that Ianto had just swallowed him deeper than the Welshman had ever before managed. No. It wasn’t because of that at all.
“Are you okay, Jack?” Gwen asked stepping into the room. Jack nodded frantically.
“Fine!” He replied with a rather unmanly squeak. Ianto moved his hand further up Jack’s lap, slipping it between his thighs in order to fondle his balls, squeezing them just so as he attacked Jack’s cock with sloppy vigour.
“You sure? You’re looking a bit flushed.”
“Yes… Yes! YES!” Jack screamed, his eyes dilating and his whole body stiffening as orgasm ripped through him.
“I was only asking!” Gwen huffed, turning on her heel and storming out with a muttered ‘you’d have been nicer to Ianto!’.
Jack slumped in his chair, his whole body feeling wickedly relaxed and useless for the moment. Ianto forced Jack’s chair back as far as he was able and Jack grinned down at the Welshman, shifting in his seat enough to let Ianto slip up and onto his lap.
Ianto’s face was flushed red, his hair curled wetly about his face with the heat of being under Jack’s desk.
“Two-twenty-one,” Ianto muttered, unimpressed as he threw the stopwatch onto Jack’s desk. “But I think Gwen’s interruption gets me at least thirty seconds deducted.”
He turned his head to press a long and salty kiss to Jack’s lips, his tongue swiping into the Captain’s mouth just as Jack’s hand slipped over his thigh, finding the hardness concealed in Ianto’s own pants.
Ianto moaned long and hard, whimpering as Jack took that moment to pull away and run his tongue up the side of Ianto’s neck.
“Is that a mirror in your back pocket?” Jack purred as he reached Ianto’s ear, one hand slipping round to mould over the curve of Ianto’s arse as the other slid over Ianto’s groin to press against his erection. “‘Cause I can see myself in your pants.”
Ianto groaned, more from embarrassment than arousal as he looked at Jack, dropping their foreheads together for a moment.
“Really, sir, have any of your pickup lines actually worked?” Ianto breathed, his lips ghosting across Jack’s mouth as he spoke.
“Why?” Jack smiled, puckering his lips to catch Ianto’s in a chaste kiss. “You don’t think I’ll be in your pants soon?”
Ianto snorted, his lashes fluttering as Jack continued to massage at his cock through his pants.
“Because I will be, Ianto,” Jack pressed another kiss to his lips whilst his fingers made swift work of Ianto’s belt and then his zipper. “And I can see you bent over my desk, right now too.”
Ianto jolted at Jack words. “The- the door’s open!” He exclaimed, his face flushing at the very thought.
Jack’s hand slipped into his pants, touching the aching hardness of his cock and making Ianto arch his hips into the touch.
“Well, you did say anywhere.”
 - - -
 - - -
Tags: fic: series: stopwatch smut series, on writing: giftfic

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