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Strikethrough '07

I've not made a post about this before, as I was niavely hoping that it was just some sort of misunderstanding that would quickly be resolved, and though in a way it has been [read LJ's 'apology' here], I am in no way satisfied by the way this whole sorry situation has been handled. 

+ I've joined fandom_counts and urge all my flist to do the same.
+ I've stopped automatic payments for my LJ account.
+ I have a backup journal at GreatestJournal (username: cs_wolfe), just incase anything happens here you can find me there.
+ I'm debating whether or not to continue posting my stories on LJ. I'd still link them here, of course, but they would be posted to another site. Namely I had thought about implimenting this before but the scare-factor of LJ deleting accounts without warning makes me more inclined to go ahead with it. What say you flist?

You can get the strikethough '07 banners and icons from roaring [
here] or strikethough '07 icons from fuckyeah [here] - I know everything looks like it's pretty much over, but I'm not willing to trust LJ on that, besides, it's good to show them how many of you are pissed off by their bad judgement in this.

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