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Doctor Who teaser-trailer question time

Okay flist, ya'll watched the Jonathan Ross show last night, right? And ya'll saw that trailer they played for Jack's return in Doctor Who, right?

Good. Because something about it has been bugging the buggery out of me the entire day (and until I get my hands on a d/l or YouTube of it, I'm relying on you flist to help me out here), so here's the question: 

Is it just me or did the Doctor see Jack running towards him, crying out his name AND HIT THE FUCKEN ACCELATE BUTTON OR WHAT!? I mean seriously. That's what it looked like. WHY WOULD HE DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!? ::lip wibble:: DOESN'T HE LOVE JACK ANYMORE? 

Flist, I am in serious distress right now. Help a gal out?
Tags: fandom: [!]: reaction post, fandom: doctor who, misc: a little help...?, mood: b'wah!?

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