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"Jared and I have heard of fanfiction particularly one called... wincest..." *smirks* "we try and steer clear of that one, we only know about it because Kim Manners printed some off for us... I just hope my grandmother never reads this..." (CROWD GOES WILD) [Jensen Ackles @ Asylum as posted by mrscutedean ] 

I should perhaps feel a little bit mortified, shouldn't I? A little sheepish, maybe? Um. Nah. XD Am way too amused at the thought of those boys knowing about Wincest than I have any right to be. But seriosly, from what else was posted in the Q&A session, looks like Jensen might try to get more wincesty brotherly hugs in for season three! Hoo-rah! 
Also, season finale on Thursday! OMG. I'm going to have trawl blindly through LJ till I get my hands on a d/l O_O this is far too exciting for words.
Tags: fandom: supernatural, mood: squeeage

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