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Oh dear.

Here's me innocently gathering and coding posts for todays torchwood_threewhen I come across this somewhat distressing post by cyberducks:

warnings for the sissy naming of Ianto's penis, and Jack's "pistoning love-muscle" ]

I don't know whether to be very amused or overly distraught by this post. O_o... and just what the hell am I supposed to label it as in my T3 update!?
In related news, I've been directed onto weepingcock. At first I thought this should be a mandatory site for anybody wanting to attempt smut for the first time. Now though? I'm considering the logistics of both removing my eyes with red-hot pokers and bleaching my brain. I'd recommend ya'll check it out though, anyway. ;)

Tags: fandom: torchwood, mood: wtf mofo?!

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