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Prison Break : say hello to the new fandom!

Have spent the weekend doing a marathon watch of Prison Break : Season One and am feeling completely GAH-ed out. There was so much to take in, so much excitement to squee out, and so much Wet!Wentworth I think I may have died a few times O_o... but it was all so totally worth it. I can't believe I neglected to watch this program when it first showed! 

Now that I'm all caught up however, we have a teensy-wittle problem in that it has now become yet another fandom for me. XD I can't get enough of it really! I've been trawling through all the PB comms I'm aware of, in an ever desperate search for Michael/Lincoln fic (because we all know how much I love my brothercest yo!) and trying my hand at a few wangsty drabbles that have yet to see the light of day.... we'll get those out soon though, I'm sure.

One other problem I'm having is that I cannot for the life of me find a d/l link/bittorent for episode6 of Season Two that actually works (and doesn't require me to join the files back together because I'm useless like that). I don't suppose anyone on my flist is darling enough to help a gal out with this??
::waves frantically at flist:: and how ya'll doing? I've neglected you all so terribly this past week (after all that talk last week about loving you guys and wanting to get to know you all too!) but pleased to be blaming Wentworth Miller for the distraction, he is too pretty by far. ::nods seriously::
Tags: [§] pretty men, actor: wentworth miller, fandom: prison break

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