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Rambling Rambles...

Life can be so very amusing at times.

Take this  spn_j2_bigbangthing I really shouldn't have signed up for (but ended up doing anyway) for instance. When I signed up oh, away back... last week [she says as if it were many moons ago] I was all a-happy with plot and the promise of the angst ahoy! I would be embarking on. Now, not even seven days later and the angst is still there but instead of torturing those pretty Winchester boys, I'm torturing myself because I HATE MY PLOT. Dammit. Things were going so well too. ::tear::

In other, and ZOMG UNBELIEVABLY HAPPIER news, I found a new shiney! Remember that post I made about a certain hawt threesome that apparently didn't exist in fandom yet? Well! I've only just gone and found out that is does exist XD (well, two out of three at least)- churchofwensen -lookit ma, they even have one of those unbelievably bad cute pet names for it! So go forth and dirtty yourself in the Jensen Ackles/Wentworth Miller hawtness, people! You'll even get a little Jared Padalecki thrown in if you scroll down a wee bitty ;D

Man, I'm feeling rather hyper this evening. 

Hey flist! How ya'll doing? ::glomps you all::
Oh yessums, I also went through my icons and deleted a shitload of them (and would really like to delete a whole load more!), so I am in need of some new sparklies to put up- anyone got some to share?
Tags: [§] pretty men, challenge: spn_j2_bigbang, fandom: [!]: musings

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