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SPN J2 BigBang : Possible Madness ?

I'm thinking about signing up for the spn_j2_bigbang, (which I'm blaming on sevenfistssince I first heard about it on her lj). Will somebody please remind me why this could potentially be a very bad decision? I've been trying to talk myself out of the idea but it's getting all the more appealing as time goes on. I've already got a plot worked out, and a title (which zomg usually takes me forever) and I'm pretty sure I'll be flying clear of that 20,000word mark, especially since the fic's only due for May/June and just-- ARGH!! 

This trying to 'talk self out of idiotic choices' thing clearly isn't working for me.

Anyone on my flist into SPN think they can persuade me one way or another? :\\ I've got till the end of January to make up my mind.

((should probably mention that I'm inclined to write SPN and SLASH (Wincest), and will be incorporating seriously 'dark' themes. ...there I go with all that temptation again.))
Tags: fandom: supernatural, mood: ponderings, on writing: challenges

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