Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

TW/DW/RPFanFic: Happy Birthday, Gem! [Multiple Pairings]

Four ways Jack Harkness said Happy Birthday
One way John Barrowman said it.
 - - -
Rating(s): From G – PG-13.
Pairing(s): Jack(/Rose, /Doctor, /Gwen, /Ianto) John/Gemstar69.
Warning(s): Contains Het, Slash and RPF [Real Person Fiction].
A/N: Unbetad. Please feel free to point out anything glaring!
Dedication: For gemstar69! Happy (belated!) Birthday, love!
((See how good I am to you, darling? Not only did I write you slash and het (and a pairing I hiss rather vehemently at!) but I even got in some of that rpf you’re so very fond of :D love you loads, babes, I hope you enjoy and apologise for taking so bloody long with this!))
 - - -
i. …to Rose Tyler
“Jack!” Rose laughed, tugging at the Captain’s hand as he dragged her through the Tardis with a grin on his face and laughter in his eyes.
“Where are we going?” The blond girl asked, bouncing up to him and nudging Jack with her shoulder.
“You’ll see.” Jack smiled; spinning Rose playfully and grabbing her round the waist before continuing up through the Tardis. She laughed joyously into his ear as she kept pace till eventually they came to a rickety looking door.
A dull glow seeped out through the cracks in the wood and the soft tones of Glen Miller could be heard in all its muffled glory. Rose’s eyes lit up as she turned to Jack who reached out to twist the door handle with a suppressed smile.
The door swung open and Rose was left breathless at the sight before her.
“I asked the Doctor to pull up beside the Earth’s creation. It’s not as beautiful as you, but I thought you’d appreciate the sight.” Jack grinned somewhat smarmily.
Rose stepped slowly into the room, only it wasn’t really a room, it was rather more of a domed conservatory that showed anyone within it everything on the outside. And currently, Rose was in awe of the sheer magnificence that was her planet’s creation.
“Oh, Jack. It’s…” She drifted off, words escaping her for the moment. Jack sidled up to her, nuzzling in close and pressing a chaste kiss to her neck as he took Rose into his arms and began to move her body to the music.
“Happy Birthday, love.” Jack smiled, drawing Rose’s attention back towards him.
ii. …to the Doctor
“Do you ever celebrate your birthday, Doctor?” Jack asked, stepping into the main hub of the Tardis, his hands folded behind his back and an inquisitive little smile upon his face.
The Doctor turned to Jack with a curiously raised eyebrow that soon turned to a frown. “You know…” he began, pursing his lips as he took a moment to think about it. “I don’t actually.” The Doctor shrugged before turning back to the consol and pressing a few seemingly random buttons.
“Why not?” Jack walked towards him.
“I suppose after living as long as I have you just tend to… forget.”
It was Jack’s turn to raise an eyebrow as the Doctor turned to face him. Jack's look was clearly disbelieving though he kept his doubts to himself.
“I’ve got something for you,” Jack began, leaning in to press a chaste kiss to the Doctor’s lips. He felt the other man smile against his mouth.
“Oh?” The Doctor asked and Jack nodded his head, brining his hands out from behind his back and revealing the rather large muffin-shaped cupcake he’d held hidden from sight. Jack pulled a lighter from his pocket and swiftly lit the lonely candle stuck right in the middle.
“Happy Birthday, Doc.” Jack smiled brightly at him, his grin growing as the Doctor launched himself forward to press a smack of a kiss against the side of Jack's mouth.
“Hey!” Jack laughed, “Watch the cake!”
The Doctor wrapped his arms about Jack, laughing against his cheek.
iii. …to Gwen Cooper
It was the blindfold that made her giggle; watching as Jack wriggled his eyebrows suggestively and waved the silken thing before her face.
“You can’t be serious!” Gwen laughed, leaning against the SUV.
“Oh, I’m deadly serious.” Jack grinned, prowling closer till he was able to gather Gwen up into his arms and hold her tight against his chest.
Gwen smiled up at him, her hands reaching up to entwine about Jack’s neck.
“Mr Harkness,” She began in her best ‘police-woman’ voice as she stroked at the back of his neck. “We have no time for any of your kinky games. We need to unpack the SUV before Ianto has another hernia over it.”
“He’ll get over it.” Jack pouted, running his hands up and down Gwen’s back.
“But the Weevil probably won’t.” Jack and Gwen both turned at her words to peer into the boot of the car where their current catch (affectionately termed ‘Barbara’) could vaguely be seen sulking.
“I’m sure they’ll be fine for a few hours.” Jack purred, in reference to Ianto and the Weevil. “Besides, it’s a certain someone’s birthday and I couldn’t possibly let her leave without a proper celebration.”
“Whatever happened to just wishing me a ‘Happy Birthday’?” Gwen laughed, her nose twitching as Jack dipped a kiss to the very tip.
“That would just be boring,” Jack answered, lifting his hands up to her face and slipping the blindfold over her eyes. Gwen’s breath caught in her throat as the silken material slid across her vision, blocking everything but the sound of Jack's voice out.
“And I’d hate to be anything of the sort.” Jack finished tying the knot at the back, his breath hot as he whispered his words across her lips, eliciting a shiver from Gwen…
iv. …to Ianto Jones
“It’s a surprise.” Jack said, leaning against the edge of his desk, his eyes dark as they zoned in on Ianto who hovered uncertainly in the doorway.
“I’m not sure I like surprises, sir.” Ianto said slowly, his hands carefully folded behind his back.
“Oh but you’ll like this one.” Jack replied, a devious little smile upon his face as he licked at his lips.
“You sound very confident about that, sir.” Ianto shifted, uncomfortable even as he met Jack’s gaze squarely.
Jack’s grin grew to devilish proportions as he pushed up from his desk and strode the few paces over towards Ianto. “I am very confident about that, Ianto.” He purred, wrapping a quick hand about Ianto’s waist and pulling him further into the room.
The door was snapped shut and Ianto pressed up against it before the Welshman could so much as protest.
“Okay,” Ianto managed to get out, his cheeks flushing slightly as Jack pressed them even closer together.
“Okay?” Jack cocked his head enquiringly.
“Okay, what’s my surprise?” Ianto asked, shifting against Jack.
“It’s in my pocket.” Jack smiled and Ianto’s cheeks flamed brighter.
“I hardly think that’s appropriate, sir.”
Jack laughed, lifting a hand from the side of Ianto’s head to stroke his knuckles over the Welshman’s cheek.
“You can be overly adorable at times.” Jack chuckled, swiftly removing his hand and dipping it into his pocket least Ianto think to protest his words.
Withdrawing a small, square box, Jack took a small step back before holding it out to Ianto with a slight hesitancy. Ianto looked from the box, to Jack, to the box.
“Happy birthday, Ianto.” Jack said, seriousness in his voice.
Ianto’s eyes grew wide. “Is that…?”
Jack smiled softly. “Open it.” He urged.
Ianto stared between the box and Jack for a moment longer before throwing himself into Jack’s arms with a cry of ‘YES!’. Jack staggered back, grabbing Ianto into a crazy half-hug and laughing as the Welshman kissed every bit of flesh he could find.
“Aren’t you going to open it?” Jack asked, still holding Ianto tightly.
“I know what it is!” Ianto laughed, pulling back slightly. “But yes,” he added, grabbing for the box.
“What would you say if I told you this wasn’t actually a proposal?” Jack raised an eyebrow.
Ianto gave him a serious look. “Then the couch would be the least of your worries.”
Jack gave a dramatic swipe at his brow. Ianto opened the box.
The team could hear the excited squeals throughout the hub and decided that a breath of fresh air and an extended lunch break were clearly in order.
 - - -
One way John Barrowman said Happy Birthday
v. …to Gemma (Gemstar69)
He slides up behind you, hands slipping over your eyes as he presses his lips to your ear with a sultry whisper.
“Close your eyes,” John breathes, nuzzling his nose into the space just behind your earlobe before a hot tongue swipes and suckles the lobe into his mouth.
Your breath catches from the very first moment he touches you, and you exhale a shuddery exclamation as he smiles against your neck. You raise your hands to touch in hesitancy at the pair he holds across your eyes, fingertips stroking over the large length of his hands even as your eyelashes flutter teasingly against the press of his palms.
“Close your eyes, Gemma.” John repeats, commands softly and you allow them to flutter shut, your hands falling to hang loosely at your sides in the moment before he’s pulling his own hands away from your face and pressing a gentle kiss to the side of your neck.
You feel a shiver steal across your whole body as John allows his hands to rest momentarily atop your shoulders before dragging them in a teasing stroke down the length of your arms, a quick press at suddenly clammy hands, before reaching your waist and squeezing comfortingly at your sides.
You take another shuddery breath as he pulls himself away from you, bite back the whimper you can feel sitting at the back of your throat as he removes all contact between you, save the hand he touches to your own; sure fingers entwining lightly with your own and tugging gently, insistently and you follow.
There is a smile playing about your lips, your eyes dancing behind closed lids as he leads you forward, carefully, whispering reassurances till he pulls you to a stop and circles back behind you, arms moving to wrap about your waist- one hand laid, palm-flat, against the quiver of your stomach as he presses quick kisses along the line of your shoulder.
“Open your eyes,” He whispers between kisses and you do so. A gasp leaving your lips as your eyes rest upon the room he’s led you to- the bedroom- with satin sheets and candlelight and you’re sure you can make out a subtle sprinkling of rose petals atop the covers.
“Oh, John!” You breathe, twisting in his arms till you can look up into the lusty darkness of his eyes.
“Happy Birthday.”
Is all he says, all he needs to say, before he leans in to claim your mouth in kiss so deep and loving that it makes you dizzy just to taste the emotion off his lips. He pulls you closer, holds you in a hug that promises never to let go, and you smile into his mouth as you give yourself up to him; a thank you that speaks louder than words.
 - - -
 - - -
Tags: [&]: [m/f]: jack harkness/gwen cooper, [&]: [m/f]: jack harkness/rose tyler, [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/ianto jones, [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/the doctor, fanfic: doctor who, fanfic: torchwood, fic: rating: pg/13, fic: wordcount: 1000-5000, on writing: giftfic

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