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TWFanFic: Head Games [Jack/Ianto]

Title: Head Games
Author: CS_WhiteWolf
On Website:
Rating(s): R-Rated.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones.
Word Count: 1060words.
Summary: Unbetad. Set at the beginning of 1.11 Combat. Ianto patches up Jack’s Weevil wounds but denies him the sexual healing he wants.
 - - -
Ianto tried to keep the smirk from his lips as Jack hissed, the antiseptic stinging the claw wounds he’d received from the Weevil earlier that evening.
“Careful!” Jack hissed at him, eyeing Ianto resentfully. “You're enjoying this aren't you?”
“Sir?” Ianto enquired, raising his eyebrows, a small smile playing across his lips as he dabbed again at Jack's chest, playing innocent when Jack glared at him through another hiss of pain.
“I don't know what you're moaning about, sir.” Ianto put the cloth he'd been using aside and picked up a dressing pad, pressing it securely over the wounds and ensuring it was stuck firmly in place before removing his hands and passing Jack a fresh shirt.
“There we are, sir, all done.” Ianto smiled cheerily at him.
“Yeah, thanks.” Jack muttered, sitting up and slipping the shirt over his shoulders with a slight wince.
“That sounds rather like ingratitude, Jack.” Ianto said, trailing a hand down the uncovered middle of Jack's chest, feeling the clench of muscles as he rested his hand, palm-flat, against Jack’s abdomen.
Jack's hands were suddenly grasping at his upper arms, tugging Ianto closer towards the examination table as he turned himself to fully face Ianto.
“Oh I am infinitely grateful for those talented hands of yours, Ianto.” Jack purred, smiling lopsidedly at him.
“You are not supposed to be turned on by this, Jack.” Ianto rebuked, amused.
“Neither are you.” Jack returned with a smirk, shifting towards the end of the table and drawing Ianto close enough to feel the outline of his cock, half-hard and straining against his thigh.
“You must bring out the worst in me, Jack.” Ianto replied, resting his hands on Jack's spread thighs even as Jack's fingers clenched a little tighter in their hold about his upper arms.
“I'd say it was the best of you,” Jack grinned before moving in to kiss Ianto, his tongue sliding easily past pliant lips and into the hot, heat of Ianto's mouth, touching them together- tongue to tongue- with fervor as a moan slipped past his lips to be swallowed down by Ianto as the younger man ran his hands further up Jack's thighs.
The Welshman slipped one hand over Jack's crotch, cupping the bulge of his desire and rubbing Jack with practiced ease; a soft sigh slipping past his lips even as they moved wantonly across Jack's own.
“You're very good at that,” Jack began, a little breathlessly as they pulled back for air, his hips making little flexing motions against Ianto's palm.
“I should certainly hope so, sir.” Ianto breathed against his lips, pecking kisses intermittently against Jack’s mouth and laughing aloud as Jack tried to catch his mouth in a longer lasting touch.
“Enough of that!” Jack moaned, wrapping his arms about Ianto’s shoulders and growling against his mouth. Ianto laughed again, squeezing his fingers over Jack’s clothed cock and watching as the Captain’s eyes fluttered.
“Enough?” Ianto asked playfully, nibbling at Jack’s lower lip.
“Enough teasing!” Jack growled, pressing forward and catching Ianto’s lips in a full kiss. Ianto smiled into his mouth, his amusement faltering as Jack ran his tongue teasingly over his teeth before plunging deeply into his mouth once more.
“You, sir, need to take it easy.” Ianto muttered, pulling his mouth free and eying Jack’s pout with a certain degree of amusement.
“Well if I didn’t have to do all the work here-!” Jack began in protest only to slip into silence as Ianto pressed his index finger against Jack’s lips.
“You need stitches and until Owen gets his arse here you really shouldn’t be doing anything too strenuous that may cause your wounds any more aggravation.”
Jack gaped at him. “You have your hand on my cock and you’re telling me you won’t get me off?”
Ianto smiled at him, giving said piece of anatomy a temperate squeeze before pulling his hand away entirely and stepping back out of Jack’s arms. “That’s what I’m saying, sir, yes.”
“Ianto…” Jack began in a slightly warning tone as the Welshman swallowed back a smirk, walking backwards away from the examination table Jack still sat upon. Jack slid off the table, wincing as the movement jostled his wound.
“Don’t make me come after you.” Jack began as Ianto’s back met the wall, the stairwell directly to his left and a quick escape should he choose to take it. He stayed where he was, biting at the insides of his mouth as Jack moved close enough to press himself up against Ianto, his left arm slipping easily about the Welshman’s waist and drawing them together.
“You really are going to make me do all the work, aren’t you?” Jack asked with a sullen look and Ianto gave him a chaste kiss for his efforts before easily sliding himself out from Jack’s hold.
“You’re not doing any work till you get those stitched.” Ianto said, efficiently beginning to button Jack’s shirt up.
“But I’m hard!” Jack moaned, reaching out to take Ianto’s hips in his hands “And horny. Very horny.” He supplied, slipping one hand round to squeeze at Ianto’s arse.
“And wounded.” Ianto pointedly added, wriggling at the touch but managing to avoid thrusting against Jack.
“This is all your fault.” Jack grumbled, frowning at Ianto as the Welshman kept his distance.
“My fault?” Ianto frowned at him. “That you’re hurt?”
“That I’m horny.”
“Oh. Well, yes, I suppose it is.” Ianto smiled, finishing with the buttons and setting about tucking Jack’s shirt into his trousers.
“Don’t you play innocent with me, Ianto Jones.” Jack went for stern. “This is your fault and I demand you fix it.”
“I’ll make it up to you later.” Ianto laughed. “Promise.”
“You’re a bloody tease.” Jack muttered, his eyes boggling as Ianto deliberately brushed his hand over Jack’s crotch as he finished tucking his shirt in.
“My apologies, sir.” Ianto grinned wickedly at Jack, quickly dancing away from him and up the stairs as Jack made a grab for him.
“Ianto!” Jack shouted after him as the Welshman came to a stop at the top of the stairs.
“If I were you, sir, I’d try calling Owen’s cell again. Wouldn’t want you having to wait too much longer, now would we?”
Jack glowered at him.
Ianto’s grin was impish and full of fun.
Jack cursed. And went to call the doctor.
 - - -
 - - -
Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack harkness/ianto jones, fanfic: torchwood, fanfic: torchwood: coda: 1.11

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