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Absolute Power

Someone over on Torch_Wood was asking for a translation of the Welsh spoken on the Absolute Power clip up on YouTube, now I've only ever seen the soundless clip of Gareth David-Lloyd raising that delicious eyebrow of his in it, so of course I just had to toddle on over to hear him speaking Welsh! And I really must say OMGHAWT. Screw learning Gaelic, Welsh is totally the new love- it's bloody adorable coming from him and he even makes swearing look pretty XD 

Watch the clip on YouTube
Translation of the Welsh is found in the comments.
Did anyone else piss themselves laughing when GDL says there at the end, "I wanna play football for England." ? - I can't help it, everytime I rewatch that scene I end up in a fit of giggles and I really don't know why! Too amusing for words.

Tags: actor: gareth david-lloyd, movie: absolute power

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