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TWFanFic: Shapes That Go Together [Jack/Ianto]

Title: Shapes That Go Together
Author: CS_WhiteWolf
Rating(s): R/18-Rated.
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones.
Warning(s): Sexual Situations.
Word Count: 2485words.
Summary: Unbetad. Jack and Ianto get locked in the SUV.
Dedication: To gemstar69in response to the “Gift me, please!” poll.
 - - -
Jack paused in the doorway, a slow smile spreading across his face as he folded his arms over his chest and took a moment to savour the view of Ianto's pert little backside as he bent at the waist over the hood of the SUV. Jack didn't know what the Welshman was trying to achieve from that angle, but by god, it was a good angle.
“If I'd known you looked that good bent over the hood, Ianto, I'd have done you over it a long time ago.” Jack's grin was leering as his eyes roamed provocatively across the waist-bent angles of Ianto’s body, watching the way his trousers tightened obscenely over the curve of his arse.
Ianto straightened, smoothing his shirt as he turned to face Jack with a somewhat sardonic look upon his face. “Sir, if I'd known that you'd certainly not have seen me bent over it now.”
“Ouch.” Jack grinned, walking into the garage. “So what did you need me for?” He asked, stepping up to the car and peering at the windscreen, trying to see just what had Ianto so engrossed in the first place.
With the inspection, Jack completely missed the minx-like look Ianto shot him as he turned his back to the SUV and braced his hands behind him. It was only as Ianto manoeuvred himself up onto the hood that Jack's attention was appropriately redirected.
“To bend me over the hood.” Ianto said, smiling cheekily.
Jack blinked, “I- what?”
Ianto laughed, reaching for him. Jack was easily positioned between Ianto's legs, his head bending with the urging of Ianto's hand on the back of his neck, his lips parting to the touching of Ianto's mouth against his own.
“You called me down here for an impromptu make-out session?” Jack asked pulling back. Ianto caught his lips in a quickly chaste kiss Jack was quick to recapture and deepen, his tongue stroking at the roof of Ianto's mouth and swallowing the moan the younger man made. They pulled away with a wet noise and Jack grinned all the more widely at him.
“Actually the SUV's locking system is on the blink; this is just a bonus.” Ianto arched his neck for another kiss only to gape unattractively as Jack pulled back and moved round to the driver side door.
“How can it be on the blink?” Jack asked worriedly, his attention once again redirected. Ianto heaved a sigh, brining his feet up to stand on the bumper and resting his arms across his knees.
“Don't know.” Ianto replied unhelpfully. Jack looked at him; smiling at the unhelpful scowl Ianto was throwing him.
“Now, now, Ianto,” Jack began. “The sooner we get the SUV sorted out-”
“Whatever happened to all work and no play…?” Ianto mused, sliding down from the hood and brushing his hands down his pants, wiping at imaginary bits of lint.
“Oh, I'm anything but dull, Ianto.”
Ianto looked on as Jack opened the door and slipped into the front seat.
“Hmmm. Dull.” Ianto muttered, walking round to the passenger side and getting in.
“It seems to be something with the automated control. I'd say the batteries were flat if it actually used batteries.”
“Yeah,” Jack muttered, “The tech works more on a subconscious level.”
“Whose bright idea was it to use alien technology for the car anyway?”
Jack shot him a half-hearted glare.
“Ah.” Ianto replied with a smirk.
“Close your door.” Ianto looked at Jack with a frown. “Close your door.” He repeated, shutting his side over.
“Have you considered the consequences if said door refuses to reopen?”
“Ianto, we're not about to get locked in the SUV.”
“Sure about that are you?”
Jack threw his head back in exasperation. “Fine. You win. Let me fix this and you can have your make-out session wherever you damn well please.”
Ianto's smile turned decidedly sordid.
“And if I said I wanted it on Owen's autopsy table?”
Jack forced a cheery smile, “With or without the spectators?”
Ianto closed his door in satisfaction, watching with a smile as Jack fiddled about with one of the dashboard type console systems, which upon being opened emitted a strange greenish-glow and a gentle humming sound.
“Nope, everything looks fine with this.” Jack frowned, prodding at it a bit. “You sure there was something wrong with it?”
“'Course I could have been pressing the wrong button.” Ianto said, inspecting his nails. Jack looked on with bemusement. Ianto could be a right prissy bugger when he didn't get his own way.
“Well then,” Jack reached for the door handle. “I'll just have to get Tosh to scan it for-” Jack jiggled at the handle, blanching when the door refused to open.
“Don't look at me like that,” Jack said, turning to face Ianto. Ianto pursed his lips and reached for his own handle- nothing happened.
“Shit.” Jack twisted round in his seat with a curse, half-draping himself across the backseat as he reached for the door handles there. Neither relented enough to open and Jack huffed a breath as he heaved himself fully onto the back seat.
“That was smooth, Jack.” Ianto said, hissing as Jack righted himself and flicked at his earlobe.
“You're not helping.”
“I did say-”
“If you're going to tell me 'I told you so', you can just not bother.”
Ianto's smile said it all though he kept his lips sealed, for a moment at least.
“Not a word.” Jack warned, touching at the device on his wrist.
“-could try the radio, sir. See if one of the others would be willing to come bail us out?”
“Oh it's 'sir' again, is it?” Jack muttered.
“Currently I'm not involved in any impromptu activities with my boss, it would be improper of me not to credit you with the respect you deserve. Sir.”
“You're sounding anything but respectful, Ianto.”
The Welshman waved his hand dismissively. “Must be the fact you got us locked in the SUV.” He replied wryly, squirming as Jack poked him in the side.
“Enough from you. And lets not try the radio just yet.” Ianto looked curiously at him. “I'd rather not have the rest of the team know about this.”
“My silence will cost you.”
“What?” Jack gaped at him. “Ianto Jones, don't make me-,”
“Yes?” Ianto asked innocently.
“I'll deny you any sexual contact for the next month.” Jack narrowed his eyes as Ianto's eyes sparked with amusement.
“Not the reaction I was going for.”
“Is it just me or is it rather hot in here, sir?” Ianto rolled his shoulders, slumping a little in his seat as he allowed his legs to fall apart; nimble fingers already loosening his tie and undoing the topmost buttons of his shirt.
Ianto blinked innocuously at him. “Sir?”
“Ianto…” Jack cautioned, trying not to return Ianto's mischievous smile.
“Who knows how long we could be stuck in here, sir?”
“Fully clothed and trying to get out.” Jack stressed.
Ianto tugged his shirt out of his trousers, feeling the need to unbuckle his belt in the process.
“But it really is hot, sir.” Ianto slipped his hand beneath the band of his trousers, cupping himself and arching his hips into the touch.
“You'll be the death of me.” Jack huffed, though he kept his eyes riveted on the goings on of Ianto's hand as it moved under the thin material of his trousers. Ianto let out a breathy little moan and Jack found himself shifting on the backseat, the palms of his hands itching as he watched Ianto rotate his hips.
Jack reached up to loosen a couple of his own shirt buttons, suddenly feeling the heat Ianto had mentioned. He swallowed thickly, his eyes drawn to the flicker of Ianto's tongue as the younger man moistened his bottom lip.
“Jack…” Ianto's was staring at him. Jack wet at his own lips.
“You really aren’t helping, Ianto.” Jack managed, wiping his hands against his trousers.
“I’ve changed my mind, Jack.”
Jack blinked. “Changed your mind about what?” He asked warily.
“I don’t want my make-out session on the autopsy table.”
“Oh?” Jack swallowed thickly as Ianto slipped a hand up his shirt, tweaking at one of his own nipples and whimpering at the touch.
“No,” Ianto breathed. “I want it here. Now.”
“In the SUV!?” Jack’s voice was strangled. Ianto nodded his head, his mouth pouted and open and Jack was hard pressed not to grab the younger man and wrench him over into the backseat to better ravish him.
“Yeah,” Ianto answered and Jack whimpered.
“But we’ve not fixed it yet.” Jack tried. “And I distinctly remember the deal involving the SUV being fixed first.”
“Okay.” Ianto agreed slowly. “I’ll just- ahh!- amuse myself while you,- oh! ohhh!- try fix the car…” Ianto hips were flexing into his hand with purpose, soft moans spilling from his lips as he worked himself to hardness. Jack felt heat pool down in his belly, his cock twitching at the visual pleasure the sight of Ianto jerking himself off offered.
“Oh fuck,” Jack cursed, giving in and reaching out to grab at Ianto’s arm, stilling his stroking as he slid his hand down the length of Ianto’s arm, slipping it down past the band of his trousers and moulding his hand over the bulge of Ianto’s own hand, his fingers curling and half-entwining with Ianto’s around the length of his cock.
Ianto sucked in a sharp breath as Jack’s fingers constricted, setting a new pace as he helped Ianto stroke himself.
“If we do this…” Jack leaned forward enough to lick at Ianto’s ear, “You’re cleaning up any unsightly mess.”
“We… we could always just blame it on Owen.” Ianto said.
“Owen’s done it in the SUV!?”
“With Gwen.”
“You’re joking! Right?”
“Really, Jack, for someone- oh!” Jack somehow managed to run a finger over the tip of his erection, momentarily halting Ianto’s thought process.
“Hmmm?” Jack encouraged him to continue, smiling at Ianto’s baleful gaze.
“For someone so ‘all seeing’, you really do miss a lot.”
“I… don’t even want to think about that.” He managed. As swiftly as he’d begun, Jack suddenly stopped his ministrations; tugging his hand from Ianto’s pants and grinning at the scandalised look Ianto threw him.
“I hope you’re going to finish that.” The Welshman said with wide eyes and Jack leaned in close.
“You started it.” Before Ianto’s spluttering could begin to make any sort of coherent sense, Jack had seized him by the arm and was urgently tugging him through the gap and onto the backseat. Ianto’s legs (and pretty much the rest of him as well) ended up in a gangly sprawl atop Jack- his trousers lost somewhere about his ankles and his shirt a disarray as it pooled up about his chest.
Jack’s laughter reverberated through the Captain’s chest and Ianto could swear he felt the rumble run right through him as Jack wriggled out from beneath him, manoeuvring himself till Ianto was pinned beneath his weight.
“This seat is decidedly too small for us, sir.”
“Hey, it was your idea.”
“Just passing comment.” Ianto amended as Jack’s knee lodged itself high between his legs, his hands pressed beside Ianto’s head holding himself upwards.
“How do you want to do this?” Jack asked after he’d sorted their positions out.
“Your hand down my pants was working rather well, I thought.”
“Well I would like some recompense for helping you out.”
Ianto made a tutting sound though he was smiling as he reached up to un-tuck Jack’s shirt and undo the fastenings of his trousers.
“I would still like my make-out session, if you please. And I suppose some frottage wouldn’t go amiss.”
Jack grinned down at him, kissing swiftly at Ianto’s mouth. “Your wish is my command.”
Ianto made a noise of approval, running one hand through Jack’s hair and urging the Captain’s head down for a long kiss, languid and teasing as they savoured the touching of tongues. Ianto’s fingers played with the hair at the nape of Jack’s neck, knowing how much such a simple gesture turned Jack on. It wasn’t long before Jack was moaning into his mouth and lowering his hips to rest atop Ianto’s- gently rotating them in a motion sure to get Ianto bucking wantonly beneath him.
Jack swallowed back more of Ianto’s little whimper-moans, lowering himself awkwardly to his elbows in a bid to entice more contact between their bodies, skin aching to press against skin but denied by the dishevelled mess their half-fastened clothing made. Ianto ran a hand down Jack’s back, curving over the round firmness of his backside and squeezing encouragingly at the muscle, urging Jack’s hips to drive down against his- drawing fresh and wanton hisses from his mouth.
A hand- one of Jack’s- soon found itself between their bodies and with a little help from Ianto, who’d somehow managed to shove Jack’s underwear as well as his own down about their thighs with one quick push, was able to grip hold of both their straining erections in one of his large hands.
Ianto arched beneath him, his mouth hot and wet as he pressed open-mouthed kisses to Jack’s jaw. The Captain stroked them expertly, pumping his hand along their lengths; his breath just as loud and panting as Ianto’s own as he gently rut them together, their hips moving concurrently as they slowly pushed themselves to completion.
“Jack?” Ianto gasped against his ear as Jack thrust against him, leading him to the brink.
The Captain made some form of ‘what’ noise against his throat, his mouth otherwise occupied with ravishing Ianto’s neck.
“I really did press the wrong button.” Ianto confessed. Jack stilled. Ianto grinned and swivelled his hips in a way that made Jack swear and jerk above him, his body freezing in a spasm as orgasm swept over him, stealing all coherency from him for a long while.
The sight of Jack’s orgasm set off Ianto’s own, and with a cry of pleasure, Ianto was spilling his seed over Jack’s hand, the slick substance mixing with Jack’s upon his heaving stomach.
Coming down from the high, Jack blinked sinisterly at Ianto, watching as the sleepily sated smile twisting Ianto’s lips became a full-blown (though no less sated) smirk. 
“You… you…” Jack gaped at Ianto. “You set me up?”
“I was horny.” Ianto replied simply.
“You set me up?” Jack repeated and Ianto laughed, snatching a kiss from Jack’s gaping and rather still willing mouth.
“Yes. I set you up.” Ianto admitted. “You were right, the SUV really does work at a subconscious level.”
“But… but…” Jack continued to gape at him. “You set me up?”
“Oh, shut up, Jack.” Ianto laughed and kissed him again, mentally congratulating himself on a manipulation well done. A part of him, however, was sure he’d be cleaning out the SUV for the rest of the afternoon.
 - - -
 - - -
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