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Write Me P0rn, plz!

Flist, everyone must go read this squee-worthy fic pinkamethyst wrote me. It's an Owen/Ianto angry!angst type fic and ZOMG HAWTNESS doesn't even begin to describe its tastyness!

Title: Waiting For Jack
Author: pinkamethyst
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Owen/Ianto. (Jack/Ianto, Jack/Owen, Ianto/Lisa, Owen/Diane).
Summary: He kisses you four days, twelve hours and fifty-eight minutes after Jack disappears. Your first thought is that he doesn’t kiss anything like Jack. Your second thought is that he’s a very good kisser. Your third thought is that perhaps you shouldn’t be doing this with him.

Serioulsy people, this pairing is my new UNGH and I demand people write me Ianto/Owen Pr0n leik NOW.
That is all, plzkthnx.

Tags: [§] giftstuff for me, recs: fanfic

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