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(Christmas) Giftfic: coffeegirl18

Giftfic for: coffeegirl18
Rating(s): R-Rated.
Pairing(s): Jack/Ianto/Tenth Doctor.
Prompt: Something Kinky and Christmassy.
Other: Unbetad. 703words. Written in response to the "Gift me, please!" poll. 
A/N: A little belated for Christmas I know, but I’ve been ill so you’ll just have to forgive me :D. 

 - - -
Ianto groaned as he stared at himself in the mirror, his hands twisting at the material of the skin-tight leggings Jack had conned him into wearing for the occasion. They covered absolutely nothing, much to Ianto’s mortification, as he eyed the obscene outline of his crotch through the material.
He was never going to live this one down, he thought, slipping the green elfin hat atop his head and folding his arms sulkily across his chest. Why on earth he got landed with “Santa’s Little Helper” as a costume was anyone’s guess. Ianto was sure role-play was supposed to be a lot less miserable looking than this.
Still, needs must. Ianto huffed a breath and swallowed back any sense of pride as he made his way with feigned confidence up to the Conference Room of the Hub where they were all due to meet for their impromptu ‘Merry Little Christmas’.
I’m not calling you Santa.” Were the first words out of Ianto’s mouth as he stepped into the conference room, a forced pout upon his lips as openly eyed Jack’s backside from the doorway.
The Captain had chosen to don a pair of black leather trousers for the occasion and Ianto was pleased to see how they clung to his pert backside. Jack turned at the sound of his voice, showing off his partly naked chest, the open-collared shirt he wore in red causing a flutter to start up in Ianto’s stomach.
Jack grinned, letting out a loud wolf-whistle as he dragged his eyes over Ianto in a way that left the younger man blushing to his roots and shifting awkwardly, feeling uncomfortably exposed in his own get up.
Jack slapped a red Santa’s hat atop his head. “So, have you been a naughty elf this Christmas?” Jack leered at him.
“Oh shut up!” Ianto snapped, moving further into the room, warily circling himself around Jack. “And I’m still not calling you Santa.”
“Why not?” Jack grinned, “It’s no more perverted than anything else you’ve ever called me.” Ianto ignored him and Jack’s grin grew wider.
“You’ve called me God before…” Jack started moving towards him; “You’ve called me Master…”
Ianto’s arms fell to his sides, as Jack got close enough to whisper, “You’ve called me oh! Oh fuck, oh Jack, please!” Jack moaned teasingly against the shell of his ear.
Ianto shoved Jack back with a half-hearted glare. “You behave.”
“But you look so pretty,”
Ianto’s glare deepened. “I don’t see why I had to be the elf.”
“Be thankful you didn’t have to play the reindeer,” The Doctor suddenly appeared in the doorway and Ianto felt his breathing catch and his eyes widen as the Doctor stepped into the room completely naked except for the pouch he wore to cover his groin- the novelty underwear was decorated with the head of a reindeer.
“Oh god,” Ianto moaned, sinking back against Jack as the Captain slipped up behind him.
“Nice antlers,” Jack said with a smirk, nodding to the pair sat upon the Doctor’s head.
“Thanks,” The Doctor grinned back as he stepped into the room and closed the door behind him.
 - - -
“Jack?” Gwen’s voice carried into the room a moment before she walked in, her head buried in the large book she carried. “Jack I was just wondering if you wanted the turkey done…”
Gwen froze as she looked up, her eyes growing impossibly wide as they landed on Jack, Ianto and the Doctor- the latter of which had Ianto pinned on top of the conference table, Ianto’s cock half-in his mouth whilst Jack stood behind him, his pants about his ankles and his cock buried balls deep within the Doctor.
“He just loves being ridden,” Jack said by way of explanation, slapping at the Doctor’s arse and watching as Gwen blanched before fleeing the room.
Ianto groaned, throwing his hands over his eyes at both the interruption and the fact the Doctor removed his mouth to shoot a glare at Jack.
“Was that absolutely necessary?” The Doctor asked.
Jack pulled out of him before thrusting back in with purpose, watching as the Doctor’s eyes glazed over.
“Oh, absolutely.” Jack grinned and forced the Doctor’s head back down.
 - - -
 - - -
Tags: [&]: [m/m]: jack/ianto/doctor, character: [dw]: tenth doctor, character: [tw]: ianto jones, character: [tw]: jack harkness, fanfic: crossover, fanfic: crossover: tw/dw, fanfic: doctor who, fanfic: torchwood, fic: rating: r/18, fic: wordcount: 500-1000, on writing: giftfic

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