Campaspe (cs_whitewolf) wrote,

Torchwood : 1.11 Combat

Now THAT is what I call a good ol' fashioned episode of Torchwood. After 1.09's utter shittyness and 1.10's hit/miss as far as an episode goes, this is pure heaven. I have SO much squee for it right now.

Points of (semi-coherant) squee:

1) Ianto. Dear gods the utter amount of Ianto screen time was pure bliss! And he was wearing his darker suit/shirt/tie combo which gets the squiggles any day. The on screen moments with Jack too, those alone moments we never got to see... ;) oh you know what I'm talking about. The bunnehz are frolicking! So much happy. 

2) Jack. Getting bloodied there right at the beginning? Mmm. That was a total 'I want to lick kiss you better' moment for me, and he was so cocky and self assured about it all. That man, really, words fail.

3) Owen! Now, this guy bugs me at the best of times. He's just not pretty enough for me and this combined with the fact that he's an utter 'tosser' (to quote Gwen) doesn't really gain him any points, but can I just take a moment to be one of the first to say OMG Owen, you look bloody HOT all bloodied and bruised and suicidal and HISSING at that Weevil got me unbelievably excited. I mean, the damn thing COWERED away!

4) That text message. For a moment I thought it said cry baby as opposed to it being coordinates. My bad. Still, it would have made such a cute horror-movie cliche if the guy on the table had been alive. haha.

5) Gwen drugging Rhys. I'd call her a bitch too. That was utterly selfish and cowardly of her. True Rhys was a bit titchy there at the beginning but I think the poor guy has every right to be a bit prissy with Gwen considering. The fact she had to drug him to tell him the truth makes me despise her even though her sobbage moment did get a lips-pressed-sympathetically moment from me. 

6) Rambling on about moments! Favourites for this episode: 

- Jack taking Ianto with him on a hunt and telling Gwen to stay behind when she offered to go along. Ianto, with me! And Ianto followed, such obedience must be taken advantage of appreciated.
- The grape-eating Ianto-smiling moment between Jack and Ianto as they questioned that patient. XD
- Owen voluntarily getting into that cage. Boy, you are the pretty for that. Oh, and the hissing. You get all my lacking love for the hissing.

I really must stop bouncing about my room. It's rather unbecoming.

As for next week? How very intriguing! Though Jack looks rather surprised about meeting himself. (Now, is it himself himself? Did he just steal his name like everyone seems to think? Is this him during the two missing years of his life? And why is it that if Jack's from the 51st century, he spent so much time in the 50's(?)?... Guess we'll find out next week! ::continues bouncing about room::

< /end rambling squeeage>
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