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Year in the life...

Happy New Year and all that jazz, my beloved flist! 

I, unfortunately, spent the occasion flat on my back with the flu and ended up sleeping right through the bells. Not that it bothers me overly much as I don't really celebrate the new year, but it would have been nice to not be ill this time of year. Think I could proposition Jack to bring me some grapes? Oh, and Ianto to eat them for me too? That'd make me feel better I'm sure!

Anywho, point of posting was not to moan about being ill, but to post this pre-coded list of all the fanfiction I've written this past year. Why? Because I've seen these things cropping up around LJ and I just love to play the lemming at times ;D

Ordered by Fandom
Anything marked with an asterisk [ * ] is something I'm particularly fond of having written, so consider it recomended for reading, (everything else I've likely got a bit of a love and/or hate thing going on!)
Please read any/all warnings marked in the headers, just in case!

HPFanFic: Stuck in the Middle [SS/DM/RL]
LotR FanFic: Wild Justice: Chapter I
LotR FanFic: Wild Justice: Chapter II

HPFanFic: Blood Moon [Chapters I-XV]

HPFanFic: Snow, White [SS/Aberforth. SS/Albus] [ * ]

SNFanFic: Do You Remember [SW/DW]
SNFanFic: Monday [Dean/Sam; Dean/John]

DrWhoFiclet: Differences Between [Ninth Doctor/Jack] 

DWDrabble: He just want's to know why... [Jack/Doctor]
HMDFiclet: In Need of a Friend [Gen. GH/JW]
HMDDrabble: Of Snapped Canes [Genfic.] 

HMDFanFic: Flowers, for me? [GH/JW]
HMDFanFic:Flowers, for me? [GH/JW] Part II

HMDFanFic: Music, I can see [GH/JW] [ * ]
HMDFanFic: With Great Hair and a Pretty Mouth [GH/RC]
HMDFanFic: Predictability [GH/JW]
HMDFanFic: Once in a Blue Moon Opportunity [GH/JW]
HMDFanFic: The Shala [GH/JW/RC] [Chapters I-III]
HMDFanFic: The Moment [GH/RC]

HMDFanFic: The Shala [GH/JW/RC] [Chapters IV-V]
HMDFanFic: In One Sentence [GH/RC]
HMDFanFic: Wickedness of Love [GH/RC]

TWFanFic: Last Drink [Jack/Ianto] [ * ]
HMDFiclet: An Interview To Remember [Gen. RC\GH] 
TWFanFic: Last Chance [Jack/Ianto]
TWFanFic: No Faerie Tale [Jack/Ianto] 
TWFiclet: Who was your last kiss? [Jack/Ianto]
TWFanFic: Mercy In You [Jack/Ianto]
HMDFiclet: Penguin Suits and Sombre Moods [Gen. House\Cuddy]

December : Black Velvet [WIP. Snape/Karkaroff] [ * ]
TWFanFic: Is that a stopwatch in your pocket...? [Jack/Ianto] 
TWFanFic: ...Or are you just pleased to see me? [Jack/Ianto] 
TWFanFic: Quixote [Jack/Ianto]
TWFanFic: Sinnerman [Jack/Ianto] [ * ]

Fiction Totals | Estimated Word Count*:
Dr Who: 2 | 977words
Harry Potter: 4 | 7591words
House M.D.: 15 | 23763words
Lord of the Rings: 1 | 4812words
Supernatural: 2 | 2686words
Torchwood: 9 | 15545words

*Doesn't exclude headers/story info/author notes. Counts taken from

Not a bad round up for the year, if I do say so myself. I'm very pleased to see that I've managed to post something at least once a month. You can see where my love of a fandom has slowly windled and died whilst others have sprung up in a flurry of productiveness. At the beginning of the year I was beginning to lose my love for Harry Potter as a fandom, and though I will always cherish my time in that fandom, I think I can safely assume that it has officially ended for me. Emo tears and all that jazz at the realisation, though never fear it'll always be my baby and I am a complete and utter Snape-girly for life! 

Other fandoms I've tried my hand at were Dr Who and Supernatural, and though I love them both to bits I just couldn't seem to get as fully into them as my beloved Harry Potter fandom (we're not even going to mention Lord of the Rings here). I think all I need for them is some really spiffy prompt-workings from my flist, but otherwise they'll probably just stay my 'back up' fandoms. They're pretty to watch and that's enough for now.

But now, now we get onto my new shiny-shiny fandoms! House M.D. and Torchwood, the latter more loved at this particular moment in time. I was taking a moment to reflect over this whole 'fandom' business and realised that I'm rather lost when I don't have a fandom to play around in. Saying that, I'm really looking forward to bringing a few of my 'kinks' from previous fandoms into them. It'll all be so much fun!

Much love to you all!
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