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24 December 2006 @ 08:37 pm
The Big Bad Wolf  

Oh! Oh! Totally meant to gush about my Dr Who Season One DVDs which arrived last weekend- they're so pretty and make me feel insanely better about being ill XD

Only, as a Jack fangirl, I couldn't help skipping straight to the extras about Captain Harkness and watching that with a loony grin upon my face. Is it my fault the last three episodes of Season One were on the same disk? Nope. So I ended up watching those three first and was appropriately squeed and saddened and OMG I JUST CLOCKED ONTO SOMETHING!!! Okay, it's probably been mentioned to death over on the Dr Who comms but I just found it and thought I'd share it with my fellow Torchwood freaks friends:

In the episode 'Bad Wolf' when Rose is facing the Ann Droid she asks the following question:

Q. The great cobalt pyramid is built on the remains of which famous old earth institute? 
A. Torchwood

Course I had to rewind and replay a few times to make sure I'd heard it right, but was apropriately wowed at it. I wonder which institute it was... the London one, maybe? Think it's something the writers actually plan to make something of or was it just a name drop? Could be fun to speculate on at least, if it hasn't actually been done to death. And just what is a/the cobalt pyramid?
Torchwood is on tonight at 9:30pm, folks! Thank goodness I checked the TV Guide for that one.

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Campaspe: House Conversecs_whitewolf on December 24th, 2006 10:22 pm (UTC)
I've noticed the bad wolf ones, they're a little hard to miss, but I've not seen these eps since they first aired, before 'Torchwood' as a series was announced, so you'd be surprised just how much of the name dropping you can miss! lol. It's kind of fun when they mentioned things like that though. Keeps you on your toes.