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TWFanFic: Sinnerman [Jack/Ianto]

Title: Sinnerman
Author: CS_WhiteWolf
On Website:
Beta(s): Many thanks to cyberamanda for the fantastic beta!
Rating(s): R/18-Rated [NC-17]
Pairing(s): Jack Harkness/Ianto Jones.
Warning(s): Sexual Situations; Dubious Consent Non-Con/Rape; Violence.
Word Count: 3634words.
Summary: A confrontation between Jack and Ianto becomes a battle for dominance.

Dedication: To gemstar69 for all the encouragement you gave me on this piece as well as the feeding of my ego. Hope you like this, darling! Especially after all that teasing ;)

- - -

The silence was immediate as Ianto slowly raised his eyes to meet Jack’s, his face draining of all colour as the Torchwood Captain fixed his gaze hard and heavy upon him, scrutinizing and judging him as if Ianto were some curious specimen of alien he could have Owen stick in a cage and experiment upon.

To his side Gwen shifted uncomfortably, going so far as to touch a hand to his arm in a show of comfort. Ianto allowed his eyes to drop to her hand, watching as she squeezed at his arm before he looked up and into her worried face. Gwen offered him a twitch of a smile that seemed more pitying than encouraging and Ianto found his stomach clench with a sick sense of dread.

“I do not think that this is something that needs to be brought up in front of everyone, sir.” Ianto swallowed heavily against a dry throat, managing still to pronounce each and every word with a veiled calm even as his eyes met Jack’s with all the burnings of a hatred simmering just below the surface of his composure.

“Then everyone can leave,” Jack said simply, continuing to watch Ianto with that look of his that made Ianto want to squirm his way under the table just to hide from it. Instead Ianto clenched his teeth together, his hands folding themselves neatly, if somewhat tightly, in his lap as he straightened his posture, bracing himself for an attack.

“I think we should talk now, don’t you?” Jack leaned in, cocking his head to the side and allowing his eyes to roam viciously over what he could see of Ianto’s body, delighting in the flush of colour that rose to suffuse Ianto’s cheeks with discomfiture as the younger man shifted in his seat.

“Jack, Ianto’s right, this isn’t really the-,” Toshiko broke off, jolted into silence as Jack turned his attentions upon her, his eyes dark and forbidding and Toshiko found herself flinching back despite herself. Ianto suddenly shoved back his seat, standing and making to leave the conference room.

Jack’s chair scraped across the floor with an sudden, ear-piercing screech as he surged to his feet, his left arm snapping out to grab at Ianto as he passed. His fingers wrapping murderously tight about the young Welshman’s wrist and Ianto hissed out his hurt, jerked to a stumbling stop as Jack wrenched him forward.

“Don’t you walk away from me, Ianto Jones,” Jack hissed pushing into Ianto’s personal space.

“I’m not yours to command, sir.” Ianto bared his teeth, looking at Jack with something akin to disgust as he tugged at his arm, panic bubbling up from his belly as Jack’s eyes flashed malice and his grip strengthened enough that Ianto felt the bones in his wrist shift with a wince.

“Aren’t you?” Jack asked cockily, grinning wildly into the feeble slap that connected with the side of his face as Ianto tried to bring his free hand into play.

“Woah!” Owen was on his feet and beside them within the blink of an eye, and though he hesitated to interfere where Jack was concerned, Ianto knew that should Jack try anything untoward (anything else untoward) then Owen would intervene. Or so Ianto hoped as he grit his teeth and tried to pull free of Jack’s hold.

“Let go.” Ianto shoved at Jack’s chest this time, but to no avail as the Captain suddenly twisted his wrist- wrenching a cry from his lips as he bent Ianto’s arm to the side, loosening his hold just enough to twist it behind Ianto’s own back before tightening once more, effectively pinning the younger man against his chest; Ianto’s struggles ceased by the subtlest of upward motions.

“What the fuck do you want from me?” Ianto spat at him and Jack laughed.

“Not so polite now are we, Ianto?”

“Fuck you, Jack!” Ianto snaked his free arm up in a quick strike to wrap around Jack’s throat, his fingers clawing down the side of his neck with deep, red-lined scratches; Ianto’s primly trimmed nails deceptively sharp against the thin flesh of his neck.

“No, Ianto. Fuck you.” Jack growled, squeezing at Ianto’s side with his right hand and leering the words at the younger man.

Gwen and Toshiko pushed up from the table and moved to hover awkwardly beside the pair of them, seemingly willing to step in even though their body language screamed to the world that they had no idea what to do.

Ianto bit at the inside of his mouth, teeth slicing through the soft skin of his cheek as Jack’s face got close enough to his that he could feel the heat of his skin, see the madness in his eyes and the build-up of spittle at the side of his mouth. Ianto was breathing hard, fighting Jack with every ounce of power he had, resisting his pull with every fibre of his body as the hand about Jack’s throat flexed and curled, nails digging crescent-moon cuts that stained his fingertips a crimson sin.

“I hate you,” Ianto breathed, hard and heavy, his eyes wide and dilated with fervour as he suddenly pitched forward, smashing his lips to Jack’s in a kiss that was both bruising and battling- their mouths pressed together with hard, sharp angles and chafing teeth.

“Oh… oh my,” Gwen’s voice was a blurred garble to Ianto’s ears as he ravished Jack’s mouth with a ferocity he hardly ever allowed himself, using what power he was able to exert over the domineering Captain to hold control for as long as he was able.

There was blood in his mouth and the taste of danger thick and heavy as he slid his tongue over Jack’s own, feeling himself suddenly drowning in the heady odium that was Jack’s unique taste.

“I hate you.” Ianto’s voice was hoarse as he pulled back, repeating his words and enforcing them with a vehemence that failed to have Jack recoil with the passion behind the sentiment. Jack grinned at him, lips plumped and moist and Ianto lunged in once again to bite painfully at Jack’s mouth; smirking into the kiss when it was Jack’s blood he tasted in its coppery tang and not his own.

“I think we can go now,” Owen coughed and Ianto ripped his mouth away from Jack’s, his cheeks flushing red and chest heaving for his breath as he watched Toshiko and Gwen hurry past them with heads ducked and their cheeks stained a pretty blush-pink.

Owen wet his lips, hovering at the doorway when Ianto let out a suppressed whimper. Jack moved in to assault his throat, jolting his restrained arm with the move till the pins and needles and sharp shooting pains running down the length were the least of his worries as he felt the tearing of flesh at the junction of neck and shoulder; Jack’s bite claiming him and branding him. Ianto’s eyes darkened and Owen had to look away.

“We- ah, we’ll just leave you two to it?” Ianto’s mouth fell open, knowing this was his last chance to protest, to stop Jack from taking what he so desperately wanted from Ianto and to punish the younger man for the pain and humiliation he’d had to endure for all his discrepancies. All that sounded however, was a rather throaty groan as Jack’s left hand moved round to grab a handful of his backside, using the leverage to grind his crotch against Jack’s own.

Ianto was sure Owen made some squeak of a response to watching Jack’s blatant harassment, but Ianto couldn’t be sure as the door snapped suddenly shut and his eyes rolled back in his head with his gasp, his blood racing through his veins; searing hot and desire driven as he ground himself back against Jack, rubbing himself so aggressively, so wantonly that he’d have been sickened had he not been so damned turned on.

At the click of the door, Jack lifted his head long enough to purr darkly against the shell of Ianto’s ear, whispering a sinister “playtime is over, Ianto,” and feeling Ianto’s shudder as the younger man moved against him. Jack listened to Ianto’s pitiful whimpering as he twisted his arm back down in a quick jerk before releasing it- the painful tingle of blood rushing back to his fingers forcing Ianto’s eyes shut in a wince that had nothing to do with the implications of Jack’s words.

“I wasn’t aware we were playing any games.” Ianto managed, flickering his eyes open to stare challengingly at the dark promise in Jack’s languid smile as the captain stroked a hand down Ianto’s side, feeling the heave of the younger man’s breath beneath the dishevelled suit he wore; the only barrier between Ianto and the persistency of Jack’s roaming hand as it reached Ianto’s waist and squeezed with hard fingers into a hold so tight that Ianto knew Jack must feel the jut of a hipbone beneath the touch of his fingertips.

“Always, Ianto. Always.” Came the reply as Jack’s other hand also settled at his waist for an instant before Ianto found himself tumbling backwards with a shove- his back colliding against a filing cabinet with a clamour and a cringe on his part; his hands lifting instinctively to punch at Jack with his fury.

“What the hell was that for?” Ianto snarled, struggling against Jack with renewed vigour as the Captain pushed up against him, aligning their bodies so tightly-close that little room was left for breathing let alone the futile wriggling Ianto attempted in order to free himself.

“Why so resisting?” Jack exhaled heavily, loosening up as Ianto ceased in his struggling, giving Jack’s hands the opportunity to scrabble swiftly over the fastenings of Ianto’s shirt sans suit jacket, unfastening buttons as if they were little more than shreds of Velcro so easy and willing to be peeled apart at the touch of his hand. A hand that was just as bold in its touching of suddenly exposed flesh; palm-flat and resting upon his abdomen, just low enough to cause the muscles to quiver and Ianto’s breath to catch in his throat as the captain dipped his fingers illicitly low.

“You were all up for it a moment ago.” Jack’s hand was blazing heat as it made to mould itself over his groin, daring fingers squeezing in a practiced gesture and Ianto’s hips flexed themselves unwittingly into the palm of Jack’s hand.

“Still are it would seem,” Jack smirked and Ianto’s breath left him in a juddering huff of air, his mouth open-parted and wide as he gaped at the captain’s brazenness and thought for a moment about head-butting that cocky look of triumph right off his face.

Jack’s eyes flashed as if reading Ianto’s very mind and he pushed closer still, his hand even now daring to touch Ianto, assumingly holding him as if he owned what he touched. As if Ianto was his to touch. To play with. To fuck with.

“Stop looking at me like that!” Ianto bit out, his eyes a glare as he cursed Jack for breaking all the rules of this engagement.

“And how is it I’m looking at you exactly, Ianto?” Jack asked, his hand rubbing oh. so. slowly. over his aching groin.

“Like you-,” Ianto swallowed heavily, teeth clenching together as he forced himself to spit out his words, his eyes burning contemptuously into Jack’s stare.

“Like you want to fuck me to within an inch of my life.”

Ianto trembled unwontedly as Jack leant in, running his tongue audaciously up the length of Ianto’s flush-heated cheek.

“Like you think I’d let you…” Ianto tried shakily.

“Maybe I do, Ianto.” Came the half-whispered reply as he pulled back, his lips twisting upwards as he saw the anger warring lust flittering across Ianto’s face.

“Maybe I want to bend you over that desk there,” Jack twitched his head back to indicate the conference table behind him, his hips shifting forward to grind against Ianto as he continued speaking.

“Maybe I want to fuck you so hard and so fast that you won’t even remember your own name, that all you can think about it my cock, pounding its way up your ass. Over and over again.”

“And maybe you’d let me, Ianto Jones.” Jack said, rolling his hips. “You’d let me because you want it too.” The Captain punctuated his words with the undulating thrust of his hips.

Ianto gripped more tightly at Jack’s throat, his nails digging into the flesh of the Captain’s neck in a scratching graze as his eyes fell shut and his hips flexed up against Jack’s thrusts. Ianto’s approving hiss fell unbidden from his lips as he imagined wholly the feel of Jack against him, within him, claiming and pounding and taking him so utterly, so completely…

Ianto’s eyes snapped suddenly open, his teeth clamping down upon his bottom lip in a snarling growl as he purposefully spread then squeezed his hand in a grip about Jack’s jugular, wrenching the Captain towards him and biting ferociously at the pucker of his lips till skin was split and Jack was choking airlessly, his eyes impossibly dark and rolling as he endured the suffocating kiss of Ianto’s mouth and the deadly constriction about his throat, with stationary hands and blinking-spots that danced before his eyes.

As violently as it began, so Ianto pulled away; blood on his chin and trepidation at the depth of his hatred shining in his eyes as Jack wheezed oxygen back into his lungs with great gulping breaths. Pain unexpectedly exploded between his eyes as Jack slammed his head forward, his hands tugging and shoving at a momentarily stunned Ianto as if he were a rag doll, easily propelling him away from the filing cabinet and into the side of the conference table.

Ianto soon found himself bent in disarray over the table, his face rubbing against coffee-rimmed glass as Jack manhandled him into position. Hands ripped through his hair, jerking Ianto’s head back and eliciting a cry he was barely aware he made as the touch of cold air suddenly shocked him into the realisation that his trousers had just been unfastened and were being shoved down around his ankles. In anticipation of his wanting to flee this situation, Jack kicked his legs as far apart as he was able with Ianto’s pants pooled about his ankles.

The smell of hate was thick in the air and the taste of bile choked at him as he scrambled a hand out across the table; fingers a sweaty-squeak against the tabletop, clawing helplessly across the glass as Jack all of a sudden shoved two fingers unceremoniously into his arse with one swift shove, stretching him so suddenly and in a way Ianto had long forgotten.

Ianto froze, his body a tremble at the intrusion as he calmed his breathing and forced his body to relax. Jack lent over him, moulding their bodies back to chest as he breathed in Ianto’s scent, his exhale stirring the hair about his ear with hot licking strokes as he cautiously- almost in apology- moved the fingers he had inside Ianto.

The first few strokes of Jack’s fingers as they twisted round and out then in, elicited some choice Welsh curses from Ianto as he howled his indignation against the invasion. His breath was steaming up the glass beneath him and then- there!- Ianto’s mouth formed an ‘O’ of desire as Jack curled his fingers to brush right over his prostate, sending a pulse of pleasure through Ianto’s body.

Ianto heard Jack chuckle above him, his hips bucking as Jack rubbed against his prostate once more. Ianto felt his cock twitch with the excitement as his blood pooled in his loins and his skin flushed with material lust. Every forward jerk of his hips, forced by the fucking of Jack’s fingers, soon caused the head of his cock to rub tantalisingly over the tabletop whilst he grit his teeth to keep from uttering any more wordless cries of want.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Jack asked hoarsely, twisting his fingers and delighting in the choked off sound Ianto made. The young Welshman scowled ahead of him, stilling his body in protestation

Jack laughed darkly in his ear, not needing to hear Ianto’s answer to know it as he stroked a hand up Ianto’s side, tugging the shirt he still wore- all unbuttoned and unkempt- upwards to expose the pale expanse of Ianto’s back. Red-lined scratches soon raked their way across Ianto’s flesh, causing the young man to writhe beneath Jack a moment before he stilled, biting back a whimper as he felt Jack remove his fingers with a quick pluck.

The Captain pushed himself upwards, keeping a hand pressed to the small of Ianto’s back to keep him in place whilst he wiped his fingers against the fabric of his trousers before reaching round to unfasten and unzip them. He watched as Ianto’s shoulders tensed at the sound of his zip being lowered, teasing and slow, before he pushed the fabric down to his thighs and aligned his cock against Ianto’s entrance.

“Jack…” Ianto managed in an undecided tone of voice as Jack began to push himself into Ianto’s body, hearing Ianto’s pained groan as he slid himself in slowly and unprepared but for the pre-come and spit he’d had the forethought to rub along his length.

“Jack…!” Ianto cried out as something gave way and suddenly he found himself being filled so swiftly and so wholly that the very air was stolen from his lungs, his eyes bulging with the shock of pain that spiked through him as Jack buried himself to the hilt.

“Breathe, Ianto,” Jack’s voice commanded him whilst the Captain ran a hand down Ianto’s back, almost soothing in its touch and Ianto found himself choking on air as Jack gave him a rare moment to compose himself.

“You like this, don’t you?” Jack asked, still stoking his hand over Ianto’s back in feigned caring. “You like fighting me, like pretending you don’t want me to do this to you. Why is that Ianto?”

Jack grinned darkly at the Welsh profanities that slipped from Ianto’s lips at his comments. He pulled himself half-way out of Ianto before swiftly shoving in again, taking perverse pleasure in the shuddery gasp Ianto gave at the gesture.

“Don’t…” Ianto clenched his eyes closed, his body trembling at the intrusion as Jack pulled out again- his fingers making bruises upon his hips- and angled his hips a little differently before pushing back in.

Ianto’s cry was sharp but wordless, a sickness clogging his throat as a thrill of pleasure shot through him as Jack touched that betraying spot deep inside him. He could feel the thump-thumping of his heart as it beat itself silly against his ribs, rushing blood to roar in his ears and flood his loins with a spark of frenzied lust.

Jack shoved into him, brushing more purposefully against his prostate and enjoying the buck of Ianto’s hips as they reluctantly rose to meet his thrusts. Jack leant downwards, bracing one hand on the table to better support his weight as he bent his head as close as he was able to Ianto’s ear.

“I knew you liked this, Ianto,” Jack breathed, “You’re such a whore for this.”

“I am no ones whore!” Ianto hissed, sullying himself further as he resulted once again to the use of foul words.

Jack merely laughed at him, curling his nails into Ianto’s flesh as the Welshman struggled anew, no longer content to simply take the pounding Jack was intent on giving him.

“Get off me!” Ianto snarled, thrashing himself against the table in another futile bid to dislodge Jack from him. He forced his hands beneath him, using the sudden ability for leverage to surge upwards, his head thrown back to smack against Jack’s temple.

Despite the fact that both men looked of equal build, Ianto soon found himself forced back down to the table as Jack used some hidden strength to once again overpower him, catching at his arms and slamming them down onto the table.

“That wasn’t very nice,” Jack breathed heavily, rotating his hips against Ianto’s arse and beginning to move inside the younger man once again.

“Get off me, Jack!” Ianto groaned.

“Do you really want me to?” Jack asked.

“Yes, I do!” Ianto whimpered as Jack made to twist his arms behind his back, before transferring the hold of his wrists into one of Jack’s large hands. Ianto felt himself dragged down the table by his arms till Jack was able to manoeuvre his other hand down and around, sliding over heated flesh to grip at his cock, which in spite of Ianto’s struggling, was still as hard and aching as Jack’s own was.

“You lie,” Jack purred maliciously.

“That proves nothing.” Ianto ground out, biting at his cheeks to keep from responding to Jack’s fondling.

“But it says everything,” Jack retorted, moving his hand slowly along his length as he pushed in and out of him once more, steadily finding himself a rhythm that would drive them both to the brink, whether Ianto wanted it or not.

“You think,” Ianto broke off with a reluctant moan, his shoulders burning with every buck of Jack’s hips. “That whoring myself out to you will make a damn shred of difference between us?”

“No,” Jack agreed. “But it’ll certainly brighten up my day.”

“You unimaginable bastard!” Ianto cursed.

Jack’s laughter filled his ears in reply, the sound grating and terrible and Ianto knew it would haunt him always. He squeezed his eyes shut and grit his teeth and prayed that when this was all over, it would be over. It would be over.

- - -


- - -
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